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March 7, 2017 Video DentalFinances

The 411 on Student Debt: How Fast Should You Pay Your Debt?

by Oral Health

Wilson Chen takes us through another video discussing student debt – something we’re all too familiar with. In this edition of Best Practices – Financial Management, we get a lesson in the stock market, and it could be a beneficial

March 1, 2017 Video DentalFinances

The 411 on Student Debt: Where to Hold Your Debt

by Oral Health

Understanding your student debt from dental school is one thing, but do you understand what to do with it? Wilson Chen takes this video to explain your options for handling your student debt. Watch last week’s Best Practices video: Top

February 21, 2017 Video FinancesPractice Operations

Top 2 Tips for Buying a Dental Practice with David Chong Yen

by Oral Health

In this financial video, David Chong Yen, chartered accountant, talks about two of his biggest tips when buying a dental practice: 1. Synergy and 2. Realizing Value. His biggest advice: “Control risk.” Watch last week’s Best Practices video: 3 Keys

February 14, 2017 Video FinancesPractice Operations

3 Keys to a Successful Associateship

by Oral Health

Patient care shouldn’t be the only area of dentistry you concern yourself with. Financial management is a key factor to running a successful practice and seeing a thriving future. Eugene Chu goes through some important information you, as dentists, need

February 7, 2017 Video DentistryTechnology

Digital Dentistry and Your Patients with Uche Odiatu

by Oral Health

Dr. Uche Odiatu takes us through our newest segment of Best Practices by looking at digital dentistry and its impact on your patients and practice. While recognizing some challenges, he administers the reason why digital dentistry is an essential part

January 31, 2017 Video DentistryTechnology

Digital Dentistry with Martin Guibord

by Oral Health

Oakville dentist, Dr. Martin Guibord, takes this Best Practices session to go over some of the confusions dentists face with rapidly advancing dental technology. Dr. Guibord gives tips and suggestions to make keeping up with digital dentistry an easier task

January 24, 2017 Video FinancesPractice Operations

Best Advice: David Chong Yen Talks Taxes

by Oral Health

David Chong Yen shares his best advice for dentists looking to run their practices without running low on cash. Fresh out of dentistry school? Watch “The 411 on Your Student Debt.”

January 17, 2017 Video Dental TechnologyOral HealthTechnologyTrends in Dentistry

Digital Dentistry with Morton Worsoe

by Oral Health

As Chairman of The Danish Society of Oral CAD/CAM, Morton Worsoe is familiar with changing technology. In this week’s Best Practices video we talk to Morton about how digital dentistry is changing the practice of dentistry. Watch last week’s Best

January 10, 2017 Video

Digital Dentistry with Bobby Chagger

by Oral Health

In the second installment of Best Practices, Dr. Bobby Chagger guides us through the successes and challenges digital dentistry presents in 2017. As technology advances dentists find an ease in guided surgeries and more complex approaches to orthodontics, but must

January 3, 2017 Video DentistryOral HealthPractice Operations

‘Best Practices’ Introduction

by Oral Health

‘Best Practices‘ is a weekly editorial video series exploring clinical dentistry and practice management. Look for advice and expertise on industry developments, office communication, digital marketing and more. Melissa Summerfield, Oral Health Group’s managing director, guides you through this series

November 14, 2016 Video Dental FAQDentistryEditorialImplantology

FAQ #8: Screws vs Cement

by Oral Health

Click to watch more Dental FAQ videos. With implants comes a decision: screws or cement? In the eighth instalment of the FAQ videos Dr. Mark Lin discusses each option, including their advantages and disadvantages. Dr. Mark Lin has given numerous

November 7, 2016 Video Dental FAQ

FAQ #7: A Guide to Surgical Guides

by Oral Health

Click to watch more Dental FAQ videos. In this FAQ Dr. Mark Lin looks at the three types of surgical guides and what each one brings to the table: Lab Fabricated Conventional Surgical Guide Computer Guided Surgery Dynamic Surgical Guide

October 31, 2016 Video Dental FAQ

FAQ #6: Cone Beams

by Oral Health

Click to watch more Dental FAQ videos. Do we require cone beams for all of our patients? Dr. Mark Lin weighs the pros and cons of this method for you and your patients in the latest FAQ installment. Dr. Mark

October 21, 2016 Video Dental FAQ

FAQ #5: Night Guard Appliances

by Oral Health

Click to watch more Dental FAQ videos. Night guard appliance design is frequently asked about and an important element in understanding how it’s protecting teeth from grinding and movement. Dr. Mark Lin explains the full arch dual flex design and

October 4, 2016 Video Sponsored Dental TechnologyDentistryImplantologyOral HealthOral Surgery

Paid Inliant: Visual | Real-time | Accurate

by Oral Health

Inliant Clinical provides surgeons with visual, real-time, and accurate guidance over patient CT images during implant surgery – helping surgeons drill free hand to a pre planned angle and depth with sub-millimetre accuracy. The cartless system, which integrates seamlessly into

October 3, 2016 Video Sponsored DentistryImplantologyOral HealthOral Surgery

Paid T.I.D.E Implant Complications and Innovations Symposium

by Oral Health

We are proud to announce our first annual Implant Complications & Innovations Symposium – June 2-3, 2017 Visit now to register and take advantage of the early bird discount! https://tideinc.ca/implant-symposium/

August 31, 2016 Video Sponsored

Paid Aura Universal Composite de restauration par SDI

by Oral Health
August 31, 2016 Video Sponsored

Paid Schick par Sirona

by Oral Health

COMMANDITÉE For more information, please visit: Sirona.

July 18, 2016 Video Sponsored

Paid Cerec and Planmeca from Patterson

by Kahaliah Richards

For more information, please visit: Patterson.

July 18, 2016 Video

JDIQ 2016: An Overview

by Oral Health

The 2016 JDIQ was a resounding success, with record attendance! The busy exhibit floor offered great opportunities to see new products, talk with leading dental companies and network with colleagues! Mark your calendar today for the 2017 JDIQ, taking place May 26th