Canadian dental education at it’s best – The Student Experience at UBC Dentistry

From the Vancouver Sun – May 30, 2011

TOP NOTCH EDUCATIONAL FACILITIES Opened in spring 2006, UBC‘s amazing dental clinic, the Nobel Biocare Oral Health Centre,raised the quality of Dentistry’s facilities to match that of its students,faculty, staff and programs. The Centre is the 

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hub of patient care and clinical learning-the setting for the clinical practice component that is required for the completion of Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD), clinical specialty graduate programs and the Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene requirements. The Nobel Biocare Oral Health Centre is a learning environment that reflects the Faculty’s commitment to offer the best experience possible for students. The original dental sciences building-the John B. Macdonald Building, affectionately known as the “JBM”-is undergoing extensive renovations to create new teaching and learning spaces. Plans are underway for a clinical research centre. UBC is grateful for the financial support it receives from individuals and corporations for renovations.

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