Dental campaign targets seniors

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The Quebec Order of Dentists is launching a publicity campaign aimed at persuading the province’s elderly to take better care of their teeth. Dr. Diane Legault, president of the Order, said the dental health of all Quebecers has improved substantially in the past 50 years. But she expressed concern that seniors aren’t seeing dentists as often as they should.

“Dental health is not being prioritized the way it should be among the older population in Quebec,” Legault said. She noted that dentists can spot things in the mouth that go beyond oral health. For example, a dentist can tell from X-rays taken of the teeth whether a patient might be at risk of osteoarthritis. They can also diagnose lesions in the mouth that might be cancerous. The awareness campaign, which will use the slogan “An attractive smile is ageless,” will focus on issues like dry mouth in the elderly -not a normal process of aging but rather the side effect of certain types of medication. The professional order plans to take out ads in daily newspapers.


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