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Gnomedex 2009 - Your Commercial Could Be on TV!

Image by Chris Pirillo via Flickr

How it works:
Hollywood manages to transport moviegoers to different places be it real
or ordinary. With today’s sophisticated film making technologies,
anyone can have a look at traditional Rome‘s grand coliseums, walk on
the surface of Jupiter, and visit dimensions that was once restricted to
only our imaginations. Also, creatures such as monsters, angels, and
beasts are brought to life with the aid of green screen Hollywood
technology. But what precisely is green screen or “Chroma Key”
technology? How does it work?

Green screen technology is the
mixing of two photographs together. A solid background color is
exploited so that another image can be transposed in front of the main
picture. More frequently than not, green is the color used for this
purpose although blue is also generally used. Green is more preferred
among filmmakers because image sensors in camcorders are sensitive to
it. Green camera channels have less noise and can make the cleanest
masks. Also, the color green is often used because it doesn’t need to be
illuminated much,as compared to other colours. This makes the green
screen the ideal background of different productions from weather
reports to big budget Hollywood flicks.

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