Don’t Forget to Analyze Your Practices’ Management Systems

From Dental Heroes – Jameson Management – June 12, 2011

Take the time to Analyze

Take a look–a hard, honest look at each and every one of your systems and ask yourself, “What are we doing well?” Do more of that! Then ask yourself the really difficult question, “How can we do this better?” That’s the most important question for dental practices today! Certainly, the time to sit back on your laurels is not now!

Take your good practices and make them great. One of the most dangerous things you can do is become complacent. As we come out from under tumultuous economic times,now,more than ever, we need to focus on constant improvement.

Take into consideration both the pros and the cons of issues that are impacting the industry today. Take a good hard look at your practice and make supreme effort to go back to the basics–the things that put you where you are now–and be diligent about making each aspect of your practice even better.

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