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We are students from Poland, we are 21, we came up with idea of creating world’s first interactive toothbrush for kids – the FunBrush. Check out our facebook/website for details!

We know that children don’t like to brush their teeth. It’s boring and they don’t find it attractive nor important. We came up with an extraordinary idea – with modern technology we will teach children to brush their teeth correctly. This is how we created FunBrush! It is half a toy and half a gadget that let kids control special games using toothbrush. It gives kids a lot’s of fun, but it also have an educational value.

We have created software that checks the correctness of brushing. The sensors detects toothbrush movements in three dimensions with high accuracy and represent them in game in real time, sending data by bluetooth.

Both the toothbrush and the game have cool features, check them out 🙂

For more information visit: http://www.facebook.com/FunBrushLtd.

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  1. Adam Roszyk says:

    Hello !
    A little update- FunBrush is now avaliable on kickstarter:

    Pleas share this link, thank you !

  2. What an awesome idea. So far electric toothbrushes for kids only have interchangeable panels and some funny pictures on them. I will feature your progress on my dental care blog. 🙂

  3. john says:

    it’s awesome idea .. thank you ..

  4. Alex Werner says:

    My kids (6 and 8 years) like to brush teeth with Elmo’s songs. Thanks for this idea, I’ll try to find this method too.

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