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I feel like a John Flucke clone

2011-12-12 14:26:49

May 13, 2011
by ken

Time to go into geek mode.

New service has come available – storage in the clouds for all you folk who are into mobile computing…..called SugarSync.

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It’s the ideal resource storage mode for literally anyone who is mobile in the dental profession or industry……it’s all about those smartiepantsphones you know………

SugarSync is a cool new service that gives you 5 GB of free storage to backup, sync, and share your data (music, photos, videos, documents) from all of your computers. SugarSync also lets you access all of your data right from your mobile phone

Join SugarSync today and you’ll earn 500 MB of bonus storage and give Ovidiu Ciobanu an extra 500 MB too!

Join SugarSync

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2 Comments » for I feel like a John Flucke clone
  1. John Flucke says:

    Hey Ken. Sugar sync is an *amazing* service. I use it to keep all of my personal computer systems identical.
    It”s a phenomenal and easy way to back things up AND keep your files identical on several machines.
    Highly recommended! You are now officially my brother from another mother! 🙂

  2. Ken Serota says:

    Hi John:
    Between you and Marty and Larry, someone has to know someone who can create a synergistic collaborative alliance platform between folks who are front and center in the blogosphere……..some weird RSS posting feed whereby if there is a techy post, then it automatically goes up on our representative blogs and can be admin”d by the blogohoncho as to it”s relevance and pertinence. As pervasive as the Internet is, we”re all still working on one off entries…..I git copyright, albeit, once it”s out there on the Net, it”s like ringing a bell, kinda hard to pull back hundreds of thousands of views or messages sent……but wouldn”t it be MAGIC to build the perfect beast – a collaborative editorial board of bloggers who by virtue of their geekiness ensure that nothing ever slips through the cracks and information is not only pervasive it”s literally all inclusive from every corner of the globe. And then we build a internal keyword search engine and then we clue in the industry and they link it to their R&D people and then we TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!!!!

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