Is the North American Hygiene Market Super-Saturated?

Time for the power of social networking to demonstrate and DOMINATE……

By Rabia Mughal, Associate Editor – Dr. Bicuspid

June 20, 2011 — As the overall job market in the U.S. continues to be sluggish, a few recent reports — which considered hiring outlook as a criterion — have ranked dental hygienist among the top 10 professions in the country.

Editors note – AND YET – nothing could be further from the truth as there are demographic shifts and swings resultant from the economic roller coaster ride that are altering the landscape for hygienists radically.

The power of this blog in the truest sense is to outreach and engage all members of the Canadian dental team. You can “survey monkey” folks to death, but as always, the respondents are traditionally those who well……….. respond……..what you want is anonymity to respond with no fear of retribution – perceived or otherwise. If we had FACEBOOK in place, then I would seriously expect all hygienists to be notified through their societal intranet and respond and denote the trends in “veritas”……..share this entry as you wish…or send it to someone for whom you know it will be relevant.  And while you’re at it, ask someone at the RCDSO why they’re engaging in continuing education again……is that in their mandate, but I digress…..

Oral Health has always been the opinion leader and the educational NEXUS in Canadian dentistry…ergo the forthcoming MyDentalChronicles…..with some basic networking tools – far be it from me to tell the Oral Health IT folks that Buddy Press in Word Press is the answer, it can lead the way into the future and do so with that typical Canadian aplomb, the response in Vancouver to the Bruin’s Stanley Cup win not withstanding.

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