Need an orthodontist – forget YooHoo to a neighbour – just YOOOOOTOOOOOOB

It should come as no surprise.  My four year old granddaughter keeps me appraised of her tuition needs for the Fashion Institute of Technology with daily emails of her renderings for her own boutique line of couture inspirations and my two year old twin grandsons order their latest APP needs off my iTUNES store account. Gifting them iPADs for learning has become the reason why I shall invariably need to practice till I’m 137 years old. As to their orthodontic needs in future years, well, just read on……..

From Dr. Bicuspid staff

A new study has found that a large number of patients, especially adolescents, are seeking information about orthodontic treatment online, but not all of that information is good (Angle Orthodontist, May 2011, Vol. 81:3, pp. 532-539).

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Researchers from the University of Göttingen in Germany wanted to determine what kind of information was available on the Internet regarding orthodontic treatment by assessing the informational value, intention, source, and bias of videos related to orthodontics screened by the video-sharing Internet platform YouTube.

With regard to orthodontics, and especially since the majority of adolescents regularly use Internet social media for obtaining information, it is reasonable to suppose that those adolescents who are about to undergo orthodontic treatment make use of this popular website to obtain preliminary information, the study authors noted.

They scanned YouTube in July 2010 for orthodontics-related videos using the search terms “orthodontist,” “orthodontic,” “orthodontics,” and “braces.” The YouTube scan produced 5,140 results.

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And now for something completely disgusting…..

Botox use for teens…….

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