Of Genesis, Morphogenesis and Blogogenesis

The Internet is barely fifteen years old and there remains a large contingent of folks who consider it a passing fad, let’s say 15% of the population – dentists make up 14.99% of that grouping….humour, arrh, arrh.  Where this blog goes, leads, follows is all about how to make it productive and serviceable to the greatest number of dental folk and dental families in this country and to strike out on new paths for Oral Health……..take the road less travelled as it were. Push a few buttons, poke a few eyeballs, wait for the traditional you catch more flies with honey than vinegar and still get no buy-in and regardless, endlessly work to get input from those who see the vision, the potential and power for “raising the bar” of dentists and dentistry wherever these words may cascade.

One of my personal fervent hopes is to see this blog be a seminal force in a treatment study format…..I’m going to attach a couple of examples from Mike Maroon’s ACE Facebook page to set things in motion and hold my breath till I turn blue, no wait, that’s not a good idea as I suspect that no comments will be forthcoming “just because”.  Post your comments as to whether or not you thing this is “ridiculous”,”useful”,and/or something that you would value and if so, how you’d like to see it done…….the examples follow.

Dr. Chris
Bowman <chris@dentalinsiders.com> wrote:
Hi All,

Got this email
from a colleague and Dental Insiders Alliance member tonight.
I figured I’d
pass it along for your review and opinions. I’m bracing myself
for the WAVE
of replies…c’mon! And I realize you may want more info.
Many of you are
better versed at this than me…your thoughts?

Here it is:
Chris, I have a patient that was just in for an exam, and she is complaining of
pain in her left primarily but also the right joint when lateral pressure is
applied. She has no pain when I load the joints. ( I placed cotton rolls on both
sides at the first molar region and had her bite – no pain placed cotton roll on
the anterior teeth had her bite – no pain) She does have some discomfort when
she opens and has noticed a new click when she closes ( whithin the past month
or so). She also has noticed that she is unable to get her teeth together in the
anterior like before. This also has occurred in the past month or two. She has
worn an anterior deprogrammer since ’02 only at night. i was thinking about
discontinue the use of the anterior deprogrammer and put her in a full occlusal
(flat plane no guidance). I have read your post in the past about tmj and
was wondering if you have in suggestions as to what may be occurring and which
direction to go..Thanks in advance.

All my best,

Chris Bowman
Dental Insiders Alliance

And on the most simplistic basis possible.…..

What is the
BEST composite for Direct Veneers/Temp Veneers?

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