Pierrel Research USA Launches Orabloc™ A New Purer Articaine

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Pierrel Research USA, Inc., a subsidiary of Pierrel SpA, the
Italian-based, global pharmaceutical services company, announces the US
launch of Orabloc™ (Articaine hydrochloride 4% with epinephrine
1:100,000 and Articaine hydrochloride 4% with epinephrine 1:200,000).
Orabloc is a new purer formulation of Articaine with epinephrine, an
injectable dental anesthetic for routine dental procedures and oral


Chemical structure of Articaine.

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ith the availability of Orabloc, US dentists will now have a purer
choice in Articaine anesthetics,” said Canio Mazzaro, Chairman,and CEO
of Pierrel SpA. “Up to this point,all available US brands of Articaine
are manufactured in Canada using the terminal sterilization method.
Pierrel manufactures Orabloc using an aseptic method in our FDA-approved
facility in Capua, Italy and the result is a purer formulation of
Articaine. Orabloc is an Articaine with less degradation products and
impurities such as articaine acid and epinephrine sulphonic acid. What’s
more, Orabloc requires less overage of epinephrine, so there is less
vasoconstrictor in each injection. Less vasoconstrictor is clearly more
desirable and is consistent with recommendations from the American Heart
Association to use the lowest available amount of vasoconstrictor.”

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