Practice management gurus? In whom do we trust? Eh, Pluribus Unum?

How do you discern truth, fact? What is real any longer in a world and a profession that seems geared to bells and whistles?

If you read the websites and the association newsletters, everywhere in the dental world, it is a landscape of milk and honey, manna from heaven is on every slow food dental menu around the globe….that’s if you buy into the sound bytes and the ads and the smoke being blown to cover the basic failure to address even mainstream dental needs in a bad economy.

The key is behavioural, it’s what the practice management gurus are supposed to be teaching us….don’t put Vogue in your reception area, it’s competition is unfortunately getting trite. We are far more complex as human beings than thinking Vogue in a reception room is competition, especially in a world where every mobile platform is geared to bombard you with “the need for stuff” 24/7/365 and Kim Kardashian is the style leader of an entire generation.

Do yourself a favour, read David Brook‘s column in the New York Times….then extrapolate it to your client base and their needs, wants, but more importantly, their perceptions and reactions.

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