Recession putting bite on dental care

by Katie Foutz – Chicago Sun Times Mar 27, 2011

The dentist will
see you now — even on nights and weekends — and might even help you pick up the
check. Although the recession officially has ended, people still are feeling
its effects and cutting expenses where they can — dental work included. According
to the American Dental Association, Americans spent less on overall dental care
and out-of-pocket dental expenses between 2008 and 2009 — the first decline
since government analysts 

Chicago Sun-Times

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began tracking health spending almost 50 years ago. Dentists
here are trying expanded hours and new benefits to lure patients back. Kaz
Zymantas,a dentist at Premier Dental Center in Naperville, hosted two
free-dental-care days in the last two months during which he and four of his
staff members donated their time for people who otherwise could not afford
dental work. About five or six people took advantage of the free day in February,
but 29 patients took advantage of the free care earlier this month. “I’m doing
OK — I’m not doing great,” Zymantas said. “But I know patients and others are
in a disadvantaged way.”

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