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Rheumatoid diseases and filling up the waiting room

October 30, 2015
by Kahaliah Richards

Partners In Prevention 1Rheumatoid diseases, a subset of arthritis, are associated with poor oral health.

Studies show that if you have rheumatoid disease you likely have other chronic diseases, are older, and have dry mouth and far more dental decay. It’s a package.

This association may be bidirectional. It has been reported that gum disease may contribute to the inflammation causing rheumatoid diseases.

But my point is not that the mouth is part of the body (and vice versa). Rather, it is that this rapidly growing segment of the population is chronically in need of more affordable, preventive dental care. Just ask the Arthritis Society.

Indeed, the rheumatics may well be more numerous than those who will pay for more cosmetic dental care. The Arthritis Society has more than 4 million visits to its Canadian website each year.

And when waiting rooms are empty and dental incomes flat or declining, that is really something to think about.