The Single BEST Thing You Can Do For Your Team As You Re-Open

by ClinchCM

Dental teams across the nation have been at home and out of work. At first, many took this time to re-group, re-think and re-charge. However, anxiety and nervousness have settled in as many questions go unanswered. What will the industry look like when we re-open? Will I be working the same hours? Will I be at the same rate of pay? Will I even have a job? Or for those who have re-opened, we are not that busy so will I still be needed? We are swamped with patients, but will it soon come to an end?

Many team members have developed new skills and even new outlooks as to what they consider important. Some may appreciate more work-life balance, or a less stressful and slower paced environment.

Contrary to this, as an owner and doctor you may have been busy with calling landlords, bank representatives, cancelling monthly services, managing emergency calls, patient correspondences, assisting with re-scheduling and now busy with re-opening processes and implementing new guidelines.

As your team took the time to re-ignite themselves, they are now looking to you as their leader to see what you have done. What they are looking for, and what they consider the single best thing you could have done during this time … is to think about them. Simply put, did you take the time to think about how your team operates on a day to day basis. Are they efficient at what they do. Can they be more efficient. Can tasks be made simpler. Can there be less stress in the environment. Can you do one simple thing to improve their day to day lives.

If you can package all their questions into one, what would your answer to them be? Find out what your answer is and be prepared to present it to them before they ask the question.

By supporting your team, they will support you.

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