Tips for Successful Networking with Your Dental Colleagues

by Naren Arulrajah, Ekwa Marketing


Staying connected with peers has always been a way for humans to thrive in their chosen professions while improving their social lives. In the digital technologies and online operations age, networking with peer groups has gained importance like never before.

As dentists, successful networking with other dental professionals will enable you to not only stay abreast of the latest developments and trends in the industry but will also help you attract new patients to your practice through your networking channels.

Here are some tips to help you along: 

  • Join local, national, and international dental organizations – This lets you stay informed about the latest trends and the movers and shakers in dentistry. The knowledge thus gained will help you anticipate potential changes in the industry and prepare for such developments, so you won’t be taken unawares when they occur. Your community of dental professionals will help you with advice and support whenever necessary. The opening up of new research opportunities is another advantage.
  • Connect with college, university, and dental school groups – Relationships formed via these groups will help you throughout your career. Meeting schoolmates after many years will help you gain fresh perspectives into different aspects of your profession while also improving your personal lives through strengthening personal relationships. It will also open up a new pool of employment prospects.
  • Find your tribe on social media – Staying up-to-date on all dentistry-related matters while also networking with foreign professionals is now as easy as clicking a button, thanks to social media. Depending on which platforms you are networking on, you can connect exclusively on a professional level or have a mix of professional and personal links. Time spent on these networks would never be considered wasted if you knew how to use them properly and maximize your returns from these tools. The foreign connections can bring you invaluable perspectives on dental trends and requirements in different countries and diverse populations. Sharing information on social media helps all members gain new knowledge and improve themselves, which will eventually contribute to the industry’s growth.
  • Continue your education – This is a great way to improve your knowledge and hone your skills while meeting many others from your profession. Networking with other professionals enables you to broaden your circle of friends and associates while opening new avenues for your career and practice growth.
  • Attend dental conferences – Attending dental conferences and meetings keeps you in the know about the latest trends and developments in your field.


It is crucial for dentists, as well as all professionals, to stay connected with their peers. This enables you to stay abreast of the latest developments and trends in your industry, and attract new patients to your practice while helping improve your personal life too. Joining local, national, and international dental organizations; connecting with alumni groups; forming social media links; following continuous education courses, and attending dental conferences are great ways to network with colleagues and boost your connectivity. All these will promote your thought leadership and influence, expand your network of contacts, and connect with other dentists.

About the Author:

Naren Arulrajah, President and CEO of Ekwa Marketing, has been a leader in medical marketing for over a decade. Ekwa provides comprehensive marketing solutions for busy dentists, with a team of more than 180 full time professionals, providing web design, hosting, content creation, social media, reputation management, SEO, and more. If you’re looking for ways to boost your marketing results, call 855-598-3320 for a free strategy session with Naren. You may also schedule a session at your convenience with the Senior Director of Marketing – Lila, by clicking  or simply send a text to 313-777-8494.