Took the cloud less than a year, watch for OLEDs to change the design of the treatment room of tomorrow or today

Less than a year ago, a cloud was something that was either a harbinger of a Georgia Okeefe retrospective or a potentially ruined golf game, which frankly, already ruins a good walk in the woods and pollutes the aquifiers with the chemicals used to keep fairways and greens green (it’s green they say on the far side of the hill)…..shall I continue?

Now we are about to enter a world of OLEDs……thin flat panels that will without doubt change the look of the front desk in front deskless offices (do they still exist?) and reception areas as well as treatment rooms…….it’s going to take a few more years till flat panels are like blinds that are rolled down from the ceiling, but they too are coming.

The first flat screens for dental operatories were in the 1.5K range, the latest 21 inchers for chairside between $200 and $400 dollars and they are wide enough to allow for multiple windows being up a the same time…now that should make ENCRYPTION SO MUCH MORE FUN!!!…long way from side by side by Sondheim panels…….I sincerely wish that the IT folks in our industry and the Patient Education providers as noted in a recent post would share their thoughts on the changes to expect in design, information hardware and software changes expected et al……..the point of assessing TRENDS, is that your planning is altered. Most companies are reticent to delve too deeply into their R&D, the excuse being they don’t want to make their competitors aware…..NONSENSE AND BLATHER – they don’t want their potential client base to know wassup? cuz then they hold off buying until the new latest and greatest innovation is ready for market……..