Top 10 Dental News Stories of 2016

It’s been quite the year for dental news! Between mixed feelings on some basic dental hygiene practices (sorry, but there’s no way we could leave it off the list) to the warnings of diseases in the dental office there’s been a wide variety of news to read. We hope you were able to keep up with it all on our website (if not, it’s a great 2017 resolution to make). Right now, as we wind down 2016, we’re counting down the top 10 news stories we covered this year. Click on any of the headlines to read the original story from this year.

10. 3,000 Memphis Patients at Risk of Hepatitis and HIV
This made mainstream news as a potential breakout at a dental office caused by “unsanitary conditions.” Updates continued over the course of the summer, but the initial story made big headlines and had offices across North America double-checking with their staff and cleaning procedures.

9. Flossing is Now Debatable Due to Allergic Reactions in Patients
It’s the first, but most certainly not the last, mention of flossing in our top list of dental news. After the flossing debate took flight, it came to light that some patients may be allergic to flossing, causing them to complain about the practice. Of course, be on the lookout for those just bored of the daily routine!

8. Root Canals Could be Seeing Their Last Days
Adios root canals! There’s developing treatments that may one day eliminate the need for root canal procedures by using stem cells to regenerate damaged teeth. How long will this take? How will this change routines for patients and dentists? We’ll have to see.

7. Fluoride Proving Useless in Low-Income Youth as Dental Issues Increase
Fluoride was a controversial topic throughout the year and will likely continue into the new year. This story came with some backlash on our website, but we welcomed the discussion of the pros and cons being presented when it comes to fluoridated water.

6. E-Cigarettes and Cigarettes are Equally Damaging to Oral Health
Apparently it’s still trendy and cool to smoke, but studies started showing that even e-cigarettes aren’t a safe option for smokers. It’s common knowledge that cigarettes have negative effects on gums, oral cavities and overall oral health, but now we can add e-cigarettes to the list of villians.

5. Don’t Tell You Patients to Stop Flossing Yet, CDA Says
The Canadian Dental Association was quick to shoot back at the new stance of “no flossing” by letting Canadians know it was still an important step in keeping up good dental hygiene. The pro-flossers came out full force, and so began the #flossgate trend.

4. Calgary Dentists Forced to Cut Staff Due to Poor Economy
Dental offices in Calgary are seeing some setbacks with staff and benefits cuts becoming the norm thanks to a poor economy. Hopefully we’ll see some changes in 2017 for dentistry in Calgary.

3. HPV Causing Rise in Mouth and Throat Cancers Across Canada
There’s been a growing increase of mouth and throat cancer rates due to HPV in Canada. The Canadian Cancer Statistics information showed that nearly one third of HPV cancers are mouth and throat. While it may not be the happiest news, it was a discovery that will hopefully initiate action in the coming years.

2. Antibiotics Prior to Procedures May be Helpful in Preventing Infections
Antibiotics to the rescue! For patients at risk of infections post-surgery, it seems antibiotics are the answer after research showed taking the aide prior to procedures drastically lowered the risk of infection.

1. Flossing May Not be the Key to Good Oral Health
Here it is. The top story of the year no matter where you look. Flossing was deemed unnecessary as a dental hygiene practice and the news blew up. There was immediate backlash, but some took to the news to push other hygiene products. Whatever the outcome, thank you #flossgate for being the #1 dental story of 2016.

Thanks for the support this year and we hope you enjoy all Oral Health Group has to bring you in the new year. Happy holidays from Oral Health Group!

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