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Your Top Picks: January 2017

February 3, 2017
by Oral Health

Oral Health Group appreciates all of its readers and viewers, whether you’re keeping up on daily dental news, watching our new Best Practices series, going through our new blog posts, or reading the online edition of Oral Health. We decided it’s time to start compiling the best of the best each month so you can see where you may have missed out (or re-read your favourite post), so we’re introducing Your Top Picks – it’s like a monthly awards show, and you’re the judges! Click on the links of each category to see what YOU were viewing the most this month and enjoy a look back at January.

Your Top News Pick

Starting 2017 off with such big dental news got us (and you) excited about the possibilities and discoveries to come this year.
Alzheimer Drug Found to Help in Repairing Tooth Damage

Your Top Video Pick

Finances aren’t every dentist’s specialty, but in our new weekly editorial series, we had David Chong Yen come in to explain why it’s more important than ever to keep on top of your taxes.
Best Advice: David Chong Yen Talks Taxes

Your Top Blog Pick

Between the growing interest to better yourself and your practice, and the amazing contributors we have a blog that is sharing important information.
Top 10 Dental News Stories of 2017

Your Top Feature Pick

Our January issue is focused on pediatrics and, as always, it was a hit thanks to articles like this one.
White Lesion Eradication Using Resin Infiltration

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