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October 1, 2010 Feature Dentistry


by Dr. Susanne Perschbacher, DDS, MSC, DIP. ABOMR, FRCD(C) Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology. Dr. Persch

Comment on an article published May, 2010: Small Focal Field Volumetric Cone Beam Tomography: The new standard of Care in Foundational Dentistry? by Dr. F. Barnett and Dr. K. SerotaAdvertisement would like to thank Drs. Barnett and Serota for highlighting

Figure 6-Clinical photographs illustrating a graft procedure following tooth extraction. The root fragment in the alveolar socket (a). Entrance of the alveolar socket after flapless extraction (b). Biomaterial. Note that the biomaterial should be trimmed as needed (c). The biomaterial packed into the socket to the level of the bone margin (d). Free gingival graft removed from the palate (e). The entrance of the socket is closed by the gingival graft that is secured in place by single sutures (f).
October 1, 2010 Feature DentistryPeriodontics

Ridge Preservation: rationale and outcome

by Oral Health

AbstractAdvertisement   The aim of the present review was to summarize the current knowledge about (i) the dimensional alterations that occur in the alveolar ridge following tooth extraction and (ii) the available clinical procedures to preserve the ridge dimension. Several

Figure 8- This radiograph taken 2 years after baseline reveals a decrease in the diastema as well as resolution of the angular defect on the mesial of 11 seen at baseline.
October 1, 2010 Feature DentistryPeriodontics

Oral Decontamination Through Definitive Sanative Therapy: Peace in the Periodontal Regions

by Peter C. Fritz, BSc, DDS, FRCD(C), PhD (Perio); Donna M. Lavoie, RDH; Wendy E. Ward, B. Arts & Sci.

The periodontal tissues including the alveolar bone, the periodontal ligament, cementum and gingiva are the battleground upon which is staged an intricate assault by micro-organisms and a clever defense by the host’s immune system. As Napoleon wrote, “Victory belongs to

September 24, 2010 News DentistryOral Health

Live ADA Sessions

by Oral Health

Education-in-the-Round Presentation available through live simulcast

September 1, 2010 Feature Dentistry

Profitable PracticeReview

by Jordan Soll BSc, DDS

In June of 1986, I contacted ROI Corporation to assist me in the purchase of my dental practice. The invaluable advice and guidance was instrumental in the successful purchase of one of my most profitable assets. At the age of

August 30, 2010 News DentistryOral Health

ADA 2010 To Feature the Latest in Dental Products and Technologies

by Oral Health

                                                                                                                            ADA 2010 Annual Session Features Latest Products, Technologies                                                  in Dentistry Registrants can earn free CE hours on Exhibit Floor CHICAGO, Aug. 30, 2010 – There’s still time to register and gain firsthand knowledge of the latest products, technologies

July 12, 2010 News DentistryGeneral PracticeOral Health

American Dental Hygienists’ Association Announces 2010-2011 Leadership (July 12, 2010)

by Chicago

Caryn Loftis-Solie, RDH, of Sparks, Nev., was inaugurated as the 2010-2011 president of the Chicago-based American Dental Hygienists’ Association (ADHA) on June 29, 2010, at the association’s 87th Annual Session held in Las Vegas, Nev. “Having the honor to serve

Figure 9a--After.
July 1, 2010 Feature Dentistry

Soft Tissue Diode Laser

by Howard S. Glazer, DDS, FAGD

Surgery. No one wants to hear the word. Electrosurgery or radiosurgery. Again, no one wants to hear the word let alone have the procedure. But laser surgery. Now you are talking high tech, and yes, patients are more willing and

June 1, 2010 Feature Dentistry

2010 Pacific Dental Conference

by Oral Health

Oral Health’s friends and colleagues celebrate in Vancouver

June 1, 2010 Feature Dental OfficeDentistry

Getting Wired with Oral Health

by Oral Health

At Oral Health, we have always taken pride in delivering the very best clinical information to our readers. Thanks to your loyal readership, Oral Health has become Canada’s leading clinical journal. Now we are proud to extend the reach of

Funding for the SLSA program has been provided by:
June 1, 2010 Feature Dentistry

Self learning, Self assessment 2010 (June 01, 2010)

by Oral Health

The SLSA program is based on current, referenced literature and consists of 40 questions, answers, rationales are in the following issue at the end of each quiz. Dentists who complete the 15 question quiz in the November, 2010 issue of Oral Health may be eligible for continuing education points. The names and license numbers of all who complete the quiz will be forwarded to their respective provincial licensing authorities.

June 1, 2010 Feature Dentistry

CEREC 25 in Las Vegas

by Dental Practice Management

The eagerly awaited “CEREC 25th Anniversary Celebration” will take place at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas from 26 to 28 August 2010. The program will comprise more than 50 lectures and workshops featuring over 50 distinguished speakers from the international

June 1, 2010 Feature Dentistry

Re: Serving the Dentally Underserved, editorial, DPM, Spring 2010

by Dental Practice Management

I read with some interest your editorial on the dentally underserviced. Without getting into a debate as to whether healthcare is a fundamental right or not-a debate about which there is fundamental disagreement on both sides of the issue, it

June 1, 2010 Feature Dentistry

New Logo, New Address, Big Idea

by Dental Practice Management

Madison, WI–The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) unveiled the Big Idea — an innovative approach to dental continuing education — at its 26th Annual Scientific Session in Grapevine, TX. Nearly 2,000 dental professionals from around the world gathered in

June 1, 2010 Feature Dentistry

Inform, Educate and Entertain

by Dental Practice Management

Montreal–CVM Health introduces three new communicational tools for dental clinics. The first tool is an educational and entertaining digital signage solution specialized for dental clinics waiting rooms. Next is the creation of a customized dental website that will increase the

June 1, 2010 Feature Dentistry

Part 1 — Change Is Inevitable Except From A Vending Machine

by Lisa Philp, RDH

Change is everywhere, the economy, demographics, technology, procedures, products, patient service demands, management philosophies are just a few of the changes we are seeing everyday within the dental industry. Dentistry is not the only profession seeing huge paradigm shifts and

June 1, 2010 Feature Dentistry

Getting wired with Oral Health & Dental Practice Management

by Dental Practice Management

At Oral Health & DPM, we have always taken pride in delivering the very best clinical and practice management information to our readers. Thanks to your loyal readership, Oral Health & DPM are Canada’s leading clinical and practice management publications.

Dr Pynn practices oral and maxillofacial surgery in Thunder Bay, Ontario.
June 1, 2010 Feature DentistryOral Surgery

You’re Only a Dentist…

by Bruce R. Pynn, MSc, DDS, FRCD(C)

I was relaxing on the plane during a recent transatlantic flight; deeply focused on my book when I heard, “is there a doctor on board”? As no one responded, my wife, Tania, sitting across from me, gave me the look

May 4, 2010 News DentistryGeneral PracticeOral Health

IDS – 2011 Focusing on prophylaxis: more individual and more organic

by Oral Health

Age-specific oral hygiene — preventively oriented diagnostics — holistic prevention in the dental practice — a main topic at IDS. Health is highly valued by the general public — not least because of our ageing society. Oral prophylaxis has therefore

May 1, 2010 Feature Dentistry

University of Toronto 2010

by Oral Health