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February 10, 2015 News Dental TechnologyDentistryGeneral PracticeMaterials & TechnologyOral Health

Fred Joyal Webinar Warns Dentists: “Patient Appointing Must Evolve”

by Futuredontics

Futuredontics® is hosting a free, live webinar for dental professionals called “Empty Chairs, Empty Bank Account: Evolving Patient Scheduling to Fit the Future.” Led by company founder Fred Joyal, this exclusive presentation shows dentists how current approaches to appointment scheduling

January 22, 2015 News Dental CAD/CAMDental TechnologyDentistryMaterials & TechnologyOral Health

CEREC: Multifaceted, clinically proven and hands-on


Get to know CEREC Under the tagline “Restorations and more,” Sirona invites visitors to their IDS 2015 exhibition stand to take an up-close look at the CEREC process, and see for themselves the system’s user-friendliness and the quality of the

December 18, 2014 News Dental LaboratoriesDental TechnologyDentistryGeneral PracticeMaterials & TechnologyOral Health

Ten Years of SICAT – 3D Planning and Treatment Solutions

by Sirona

In November, SICAT, the specialist in dental 3D planning and treatment solutions, celebrated its tenth birthday – „a success story from conception to startup to a valuable member of the Sirona family,“ describes Stefan Hehn, Vice President of Imaging Systems

December 18, 2014 News Dental LaboratoriesDental TechnologyDentistryGeneral PracticeMaterials & TechnologyOral Health

Sirona Group Named Top Employer 2015


For the second year in a row, Sirona’s excellent human resources policy and very good working conditions have earned recognition in China. At an award ceremony in Shanghai on December 15, Sirona China received the prestigious award “Top Employer China

November 17, 2014 News Dental TechnologyDentistryGeneral PracticeMaterials & TechnologyOral Health

HealthyScore: a new app to help improve health

by FDI World Dental Fereation

FDI and partner organizations representing the world’s doctors, nurses, pharmacists and physical therapists have jointly developed ‘HealthyScore’, an application designed to help individuals in collaboration with their health professionals set targets and track progress towards agreed health goals. HealthyScore was

November 13, 2014 News Dental TechnologyDentistryGeneral PracticeMaterials & TechnologyOral Health

Fred Joyal Webinar Shows Dentists How to Get In Good with Google

by Futuredontics

Futuredontics®, the nation’s leading provider of dental marketing services, is offering a live encore presentation of founder Fred Joyal’s popular webinar, “Google Hates Your Website.” This special return engagement will help dentists identify and solve common website problems that hurt

November 3, 2014 News Dental LaboratoriesDentistryMaterials & TechnologyOral HealthProsthodontics

New York Surgical Mask Manufacturer Responds to PPE Recommendations, Healthcare Worker Concerns

by Crosstex

Cantel Medical subsidiary Crosstex International, Inc., a leading U.S. manufacturer of face masks, is producing fitted masks at maximum capacity in response to healthcare worker concerns in light of Ebola threat.

October 29, 2014 News DentistryGeneral PracticeMaterials & TechnologyOral Health

Huge fake dental equipment haul

by BBC News

More than 12,000 pieces of illegal dental equipment have been seized in the UK in the past six months. The products, ranging from drills to X-rays, were counterfeit copies of major brands or sub-standard with fake documentation. Some products appeared

September 15, 2014 News Dental TechnologyDentistryMaterials & TechnologyOral Health

Pride Institute “Best of Class” Technology Award, 2014

by Bien Air

Bien Air Ioptima Wins The Best Electric System Award

September 15, 2014 News Dental TechnologyDentistryGeneral PracticeImplantologyMaterials & TechnologyOral Health

ClearDent, Dental Mgmt Secrets, and MSI Canada presents: The 4th Annual “The Best of Both Worlds” 16 CE Credit Dental Event

by ClearDent

ClearDent, MSI Canada, and Dental Management Secrets are hosting the 4th annual “Best of Both World’s” event from October 30 to November 2, 2014. This year, the event features more speakers, more sessions covering more diverse subjects, and will be

July 23, 2014 News Dental TechnologyDentistryMaterials & TechnologyOral Health

Digital Dentistry Symposium in Istanbul

by Sirona

Those attending the “3rd Digital Dentistry Symposium” in the heart of Istanbul, overlooking the Bosphorus, can look forward to talks and workshops from the most prestigious international CEREC experts. Sirona, the world market leader for dental CAD/CAM systems, invites dentists

July 2, 2014 News Dental LaboratoriesDental TechnologyDentistryMaterials & TechnologyOral Health

TEREC, NA Holds Spring 2014 Meeting in Boston, Massachusetts


Boston, Massachusetts was host to the prestigious TEREC, NA association- a strategic alliance of leading North American independently owned dental laboratories.  Their 3 day meeting included presentations by representatives of Custom Automated Prosthetics, LMT, and BEGO USA. TEREC NA continues

July 1, 2014 News DentistryImplantologyMaterials & TechnologyOral Health

Mark Bartold receives the 2014 IADR/Straumann Award in Regenerative Periodontal Medicine

by Straumann

At the General Session of the International Association for Dental Research (IADR) in Cape Town, South Africa, the 2014 IADR/Straumann Award in Regenerative Periodontal Medicine was presented to Professor Mark Bartold in recognition of his remarkable achievements in the field.

July 1, 2014 Feature Dental LaboratoriesMaterials & Technology

Made in Canada

by Dr. George Freedman

Canada has one of the highest standards of dentistry in the world. Ten excellent dental schools, internationally recognized teachers and authors, extensive clinical continuing education, and a highly trained and motivated dentist population offer some of the best care imaginable.

July 1, 2014 Feature DentistryMaterials & Technology

OraVerse: Reversing Anesthetic Effect

by Sean G. Boynes, DMD, MS

OraVerse (phentolamine mesylate) is a new agent in dentistry indicated for the reversal of soft tissue anesthesia and associated deficits resulting from intraoral anesthetic and vasoconstrictor application.1 OraVerse is currently sold in the United States and Germany with availability in

July 1, 2014 Feature DentistryMaterials & Technology

A Novel Mercury-Free Restorative Material: The Silver Filling

by Anapaula Campos; Kellyana Quattrini, BSc; Jenna Schmitt, BSc

“Made in Canada” means more than just development and manufacturing. Research and analysis are significant contributors to the Canadian “face” of the dental profession. Dental students and recent graduates put a tremendous amount of effort into table clinics and posters.

July 1, 2014 Feature DentistryMaterials & Technology

Early Discovery of Oral Cancer: Improving Patient Outcomes and Reducing Treatment Costs

by David Gane, DDS

It is estimated that there are 640,000 people diagnosed with oral cancer annually on a worldwide basis. In North America, oral and pharyngeal cancers will claim one person every hour of every day. All too often, oral cancer is detected

July 1, 2014 Feature DentistryMaterials & Technology

The Diode Laser in Today’s Dental Practice: Seeing the Light

by Glenn van As, BSc, DMD

Diode lasers have gained in popularity over the last few years in dental offices because of their low cost, portability, reliability and simplicity of use. Diode lasers range in wavelength from 810nm-1064nm, and they are well absorbed in hemoglobin, pigments,

July 1, 2014 Feature DentistryMaterials & Technology

Considerations for Purchasing High-Speed Handpieces

by Gary Radz, DDS

INTRODUCTIONManual and pedal handpieces of various types have existed for centuries. The 1940s development of low-speed electric belt-driven handpieces generated significantly increased dental treatment efficiency and accuracy.1 In the late 1950s, high-speed dental handpieces quickly replaced belt-driven handpieces, and revolutionized

July 1, 2014 Feature DentistryMaterials & Technology

Engage your Patients, Educate your Patients, Reduce their Anxiety

by George Freedman, BSc, DDS, FAACD, FIADFE; Atul Joshi, BSc, MSc, DDS

The “waiting room” has always been the weak link in dental patient management. The patient is alone or with other patients. There is no representative of the dental team present. Waiting room time is inherently not a positive experience for