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Smile For a Lifetime
August 26, 2013 News DentistryOral HealthOrthodontics

Changing Lives Through the Gift of a Smile

by Smile for a Lifetime (S4L)

When Tehya’s family heard about Smile for a Lifetime they were excited about the possibility of their daughter receiving free braces but when she was chosen by the board of directors to receive a scholarship they were overjoyed! The Erie

Smile For a Lifetime
August 22, 2013 News DentistryOral HealthOrthodontics

Brother & Sister with Rare Disease Receive Hope with Smile for a Lifetime Scholarships

by The Board of Directors of Midpeninsula Smile for a Lifetime

Residents of the Midpeninsula area now have another reason to smile! The Board of Directors of Midpeninsula Smile for a Lifetime program announced two of the six orthodontic scholarship recipients: Yeltzin (16 years old) and Elixua (15 years old). Yeltzin

July 25, 2013 News DentistryGeneral PracticeOral HealthOrthodontics

Tekscan, Inc. is pleased to announce their Corporate Partnership with the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies

by Tekscan, Inc. - Dental & The Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies (LVI)

Tekscan, Inc., manufacturer of the T-Scan® Bite Force System, a diagnostic device that records your patient’s bite force dynamics, is happy to announce their corporate partnership with the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies (LVI). Tekscan, Inc. will be

University of Toronto - Faculty of Dentistry
July 23, 2013 News DentistryOral HealthOrthodontics

The Passing of Dr. Donald Woodside

by University of Toronto - Faculty of Dentistry

I regret to inform you that  Dr. Donald Woodside died on Friday, July 19th at his family cottage in Nova Scotia.  He was surrounded by his family.  There is no further information at this time on funeral arrangements.  The following

Academy of Craniofacial Aesthetics in India
July 19, 2013 News AnesthesiologyDental TechnologyDentistryEndodonticsGeneral PracticeImplantologyOral HealthOrthodontics

Inaugural Conference of the Academy of Craniofacial Asthestics in India on Occlusion, TMD & Full Mouth Rehabilitation at the Taj Exotica, Goa from September 13th – 15th, 2013.

by Academy of Cranio Facial Aesthetics in India

We are extremely happy to announce that we have organized a Conference on behalf of the Academy of Craniofacial Aesthetics in India at Taj Exotica, Goa from 13 – 15 September 2013. This is the1st ever Conference by the Academy

Smile For A Lifetime
June 10, 2013 News DentistryOral HealthOrthodontics

Changing a Life Through the Gift of a Smile

by Smile For A Lifetime

In 2011, Ryan Lopez was awarded a Smile for a Lifetime (S4L) Scholarship from his local chapter in Fresno, California run by Dr. Pat DiCiccio of DiCiccio Orthodontics. The gift has been a life changer for Ryan whose self-confidence has

Dr. Lang is an orthodontic lecturer at the University of Toronto and past president of the Ontario Association of Orthodontists. He maintains an orthodontic practice in Mississauga and West Toronto, ON. Dr. Lang is co-chair of Oral Health's editorial board.
September 1, 2012 Feature DentistryOrthodontics

Ontario’s Dumb, Stupid “Zero Tolerance” Law

by Dr. Lang

An Update for all Canadian Dentists

September 1, 2012 Feature DentistryOrthodontics

Why Research Findings Are Usually Wrong

by John Hardie BDS, MSc, PhD, FRCD(C)

INTRODUCTIONThe reading of articles in scien­tific journals and attending lectures by published researchers are considered hallmarks of the knowledgeable professional. Indeed, ignorance of the advice gleaned from such publications or from the verbal exhortations of their authors might be grounds

Figure 16. Final radiograph of bridge #11-24, showing #24 abutment.
September 1, 2012 Feature DentistryOrthodontics

Maxillary Arch Rehabilitation:

by Michael Pollak, DDS

Case Report of a Fixed Implant Supported Bridge Retrofitted and Extended to Include a Natural Tooth Abutment, Utilizing a Precision Attachment

Figure 22. Panoramic of final implant supported crown at site #11.
September 1, 2012 Feature DentistryOrthodontics

Immediate Implant Placement to Replace a Fractured Central Incisor: A Case Study

by Les Kalman, B.Sc.(Hon), DDS

AbstractImmediate implant placement in the anterior maxilla can be an ideal treatment option for patients, provided that the clinician properly plans the treatment. Treatment factors relating to the patient, the biology of the site and the experience and skill of

September 1, 2012 Feature DentistryOrthodontics

Good News: HIV Is Not a Communicable Disease

by John Hardie BDS, MSc, PhD, FRCD(C)

It is an incontestable fact that the single most significant health condition of the last 30 years has been the Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. AIDS stimulated a billion dollar industry devoted to its cure and prevention. By some accounts the

March 24, 2012 News ClinicalOrthodontics

Orthodontic Treatment System: Groundbreaking Advances with SureSmile 6.0

by ken

OraMetrix unveiled the newest version of its signature orthodontic planning technology SureSmile 6.0 at its annual users conference that began yesterday in Grapevine, Texas. Dallas, TX, March 03, 2012 –(PR.com)– SureSmile is a digital technology that equips orthodontists with a powerful diagnostic, treatment

February 17, 2012 News Orthodontics

Orthodontists using advertising to woo woo adults

by ken

By Andrew Adam Newman New York Times Once as closely associated with adolescence as algebra, orthodontists have in recent years treated growing numbers of adults. From 1994 to 2010, the number of Americans 18 and older getting braces or some other teeth-straightening

February 4, 2012 News Orthodontics

cbCT and orthodontics

by ken

We’re looking for a few good wire benders who will share cases with Mouthing Off…….can you help us identify them……??? [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lxWZwvUN6x4[/youtube] [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=duoqsJ81AGQ[/youtube] [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yXResQTwJhA[/youtube] [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s0H1lEQP0gA[/youtube]

February 2, 2012 News OrthodonticsYouTube

Thank G-d for the Internet

by ken

Back in /09 – you remember /09 – end of the world was imminent, I saw a gorgeous little lassie who had been hit in the face in the schoolyard and had her left central incisor intruded and lingually malposed. 

January 22, 2012 News Orthodontics

Invisalign ‘Not as Efficient as Fixed Brackets’ States Orthodontist (video)

by ken

Invisalign is one of the most amazing orthodontic devices ever, unless like some people, you think it’s just a big waste of time. Still cosmetic patients love how easy and attractive the aligners are. Either way, more and more dentists are offering

January 13, 2012 News Keeping you guessingOrthodontics

For the new baby boomer grandparents

by ken

From the New York Times The Problem With Pacifiers   By C. CLAIBORNE RAY Q. Do pacifiers affect babies’ teeth? A. Pacifiers “can have some adverse effects on the structures of the oral cavity, especially after prolonged use,” said Dr. Abhinav Sinha, director of

January 9, 2012 News Orthodontics

Clinical orthodontics must be viewed as a specialty cemented in biology

by ken

by Dr Young Guk Park, South Korea  – From Dental Tribune International January 9, 2012 The ultimate goal of any orthodontic treatment is to obtain better aesthetics of the dentition and the face, and the health of the periodontium, TMJ

December 26, 2011 News Orthodontics

Speed kills?

by ken

December 23, 2011 By Catherine Hughes – from Science Friday -Check out this and more from the Robb Report of Dentistry http://www.thewealthydentist.com/blog/2471/science-friday-an-amazing-new-kind-of-orthodontic-treatment/ Orthodontists: Get ready to speed up the time it takes to wear dental braces! OrthoAccel Technologies has announced

November 24, 2011 News Orthodontics

This one’s for the wirebenders

by ken

Finally found a Canadian orthodude who gits elearning………..do check it out.. www.retrouvey.com http://wikisites.mcgill.ca/Dentalpedia/index.php/Main_Page