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Office Space: One Dental

April 29, 2022
by Darcie Galbraith, BA, Interior Design Coach; Peter Barry, BA, practice success Coach

THE WHY: Owner’s story

One Dental is a music-inspired practice located in Kelowna, BC that weaves lifestyle and rock ‘n’ roll aesthetics into its dental healthcare facility. Co-owners Dr. Don Macrae and his dental therapist wife Kim Macrae are partners in life as well as in various successful dental practice ventures over the years. The couple now practises and lives in the beautiful Okanagan Valley with their four children. They first met during school in Regina, where Kim became a dental therapist, exposing Dr. Don to the world of dentistry. He subsequently became inspired to shift his athletics and pre-med career path over to the study of dentistry.

One Dental


THE HOW: Planning & preparation

Kelowna is known for having a small, quaint downtown core that is situated beside the bright blue-green waters of Lake Okanagan. Locals and tourists are often found enjoying mid-day strolls on wide sidewalks and cycling paths that blend diverse amenities with public spaces and nature. The area is also becoming an increasingly urbanized environment that draws a broad community of people for work, shopping and recreation. Seeing this trend towards urbanization, Dr. Don and Kim saw a wonderful opportunity to invest in building a unique dental practice that would meet the needs of the expanding local infrastructure and growing community. They seized an opportunity to live and work in a building that was proposed to be one of the larger condos in that region of Western Canada. They secured a commercial space on the ground floor for their practice and a residential space for their family in the condo-units above. The overall process took 2 years due to various pandemic related issues. Construction was completed in 8–10 months, allowing them to proudly open their doors in late 2021.

One Dental

THE RESULTS: Technical design features

One Dental has a creative design that stylishly and tastefully incorporates the theme of music into a healthcare facility. You will often find hands and faces of pedestrians pressed up against the windows peering in to admire the unique atmosphere. Upon entering, inspired new patients are often surprised that this is a dental practice. Patients are visually stimulated by a show stopping theatrical rock ‘n’ roll vibe that makes dental visits feel more down to earth, relaxed and enjoyable. A vivid colour palette of reds, greys and black are seen throughout the space with various textural elements that stimulate the sense of touch. The décor is peppered with purple alligator skin walls and hip, flashy geometric custom-shaped room dividers. The naked eye is also stimulated by creatively inverted, uniquely shaped table lamps hanging from the ceilings and artistic guitar elements placed throughout.

THE IMPACT: Empowered practice outcomes

Dr. Don and Kim are proud to have an innovative space that pushes the traditional office design envelope, while providing excellent, high-quality dental care to its patients. Every inch of the practice is designed with entertainment value and unique patient experience in mind. Patients can be found enjoying the grand piano or playing guitar-related video games. Music and design are calculated forms of expression that touch the senses and emotions of people. Musicians use rhythm, tempo and melody to create a style while interior design uses layout, colour, texture, shapes and themes to stimulate the senses of the people within a space. This office blends their passion for comfort, health and wellbeing with musical stimulation, all under one roof.

Equipment Supplier & Design: Sinclair Dental
Construction: Planview Construction, Doug Clarkson

About the Authors

Darcie is co-founder of Bella Vita Designs Inc.; an interior design company specializing in creating beautiful functional spaces for start-ups, remodeling, expanding or relocating your dream practice. To have your proud story and unique office design featured she can be reached at darcie@bellavitadesigns.ca / IG @bellavitadesignsinc / 905-716-8528.

Peter Barry is Founder of Practice Mastery Inc., a Team Development Coaching company that serves the growth & development needs of your practice. He provides customized group and one on-one “Success Training” to dental professionals & industry companies across N. America. IG @peterbarrycoach, peter@practicemastery.com, www.practicemastery.com, or 416.568.5456.

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