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March 24, 2019 News News

G-ænial® Universal Injectable from GC Will Transform Way You Work

by GC

G-ænial Universal Injectable is a very versatile and user-friendly composite, because of some unique features. It is highly filled and is stronger than many paste composites. Thanks to its injectable and highly thixotropic viscosity, it adapts very well to the

February 19, 2019 News Dental ProductNews

DMG’s New Precision Placement Delivery System for Dental Materials Enhances Dental Workflow

by DMG America

DMG, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of restorative materials and preventive products, has introduced a precision placement delivery system for a wide range of dental materials. The new Composite Dispenser is particularly effective with DMG’s Ecosite Bulk Fill composite.

May 1, 2018 Feature EndodonticsOral Health

Simplifying the Adhesive and Composite Placement Protocol for Direct Posterior Restorations: The Bulk-Fill Technique

by Dennis Marangos

Introduction Among the most frequently performed procedures in dentistry are posterior direct composite restorations. Traditionally requiring the incremental placement of composite layers in order to prevent polymerization shrinkage, postoperative sensitivity, and marginal leakage, direct posterior restorations can be difficult and

April 5, 2017 Product Spotlight

Kerr’s Harmonize: Universal Composite Creates Lifelike Restorations

by KaVo Kerr

Kerr is pleased to announce the launch of Harmonize, the next generation universal composite infused with Adaptive Response Technology (ART), a nanoparticle filler system with features that help dentists achieve a lifelike restoration with more ease and simplicity than ever