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Federal Dental Benefit Officially Becomes Law

November 18, 2022
by CBC


The first stage of the Canada Dental Benefit officially became law Thursday night after Bill C-31 passed its final reading in the Senate and received royal assent from Governor General Mary Simon.

The benefit will provide dental care to 500,000 children between the ages of two and 12  at a cost of close to $1 billion.

Earlier this year, the Liberals and New Democrats struck a deal committing the NDP to voting with the minority Liberal government in the House of Commons on confidence votes until June of 2025. In exchange, the government agreed to meet a number of policy benchmarks along the way.

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3 Comments » for Federal Dental Benefit Officially Becomes Law
  1. Dr James Hyland says:

    Where are the details???

  2. Sondra Louise Evans says:

    This should apply to the elderly poor as well. There were benefits for ‘low income’ seniors but the cut-off income of $22,000 p.a. was so low that hardly anyone qualified and those who would have didn’t know about it because they were homeless (no TV, newspaper info, computer, social workers, etc).

  3. Dr Anony Mous says:

    Are dentists supposed to subsidize this dental care such as for other programs like “Healthy Smiles”, other low income and disability programs even others like NIHB? It is absolutely ridiculous that additional programs are announced when existing ones are broken and barely cover enough to pay staff!….Another photo op for the government!

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