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GeriaDental App Helps Improve Oral Health for Older Adults

January 17, 2020
by University of Iowa

The GeriaDental App provides expert tips from dentists and hygienists to assist care givers when providing oral health care to older adults. The free app is a great tool for educating the professional/family care givers of your patients to ensure the best possible care is provided.

Studies show that geriatric patients have less access to proper dental care, especially for those in nursing homes. If the patients are not well enough to adequately brush and floss their teeth, the responsibility lies on the care givers. Unfortunately, many care givers are not providing a high quality level of oral health care for the patients under their care.

University of Iowa College of Dentistry faculty member, Dr. Leonardo Marchini, and a team of geriatric specialists began developing the app six years ago to help care givers provide better oral hygiene. The array of topics and courses on the app is vast, and includes:

  • Why good oral health is important
  • How to provide proper daily oral health care for older adults
  • How to identify dental problems and what to do about them
  • What to do if you encounter challenging behaviors, such as resistance to care
  • How to overcome barriers to oral health care.

The app is available on Android and IOS devices which can be downloaded here.

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