TempStars Partners with Dentist Insurance Services (DIS), Giving Dentists a Break on Their Premiums


TempStars, North America’s largest and most respected dental temping and hiring service, announced today a partnership with Dentist Insurance Services, a top commercial insurance agency run by and for dentists.

The partnership will provide dentists and dental hygienists a savings 5% on their dental malpractice insurance premiums with DIS and their endorsed carrier The Doctors Company, who operate in Pennsylvania, Arizona, Massachusetts, Tennessee, and Illinois, among other states.  These are markets where TempStars is growing quickly, making the partnership a great fit.

“One of TempStars’ missions is to help dentists manage the costs of operating a practice,” said TempStars CEO and Founder Dr. James Younger. “Not only will this create more financial security for dental professionals, but it will create savings that can be passed along to hygienists and dental assistants as well as patients. DIS can assist a practice with all their insurance needs and has the gold standard in service.”

TempStars was selected from a group of providers because of its reputation in the industry and its innovative approach in modernizing the dental industry.

“TempStars is clearly the leader in North America, making it the obvious selection for this exclusive partnership,” said Carrie Millar Director of Insurance Operation at DIS. “Our mission is to help dentists succeed and TempStars has the same philosophy of putting the dentist first. We look forward to exploring other ways in which we can work together and help dentists, as well as their employees and patients, save money and most importantly have the peace of mind to know they have great insurance if they are faced with malpractice claims.”

About TempStars

TempStars is North America’s fastest-growing dental temping and hiring service. Since 2015, the company continues to build on cutting-edge mobile technology to directly connect dental professionals quickly and easily. With more than 16,000 dental professional members serving over 6,000 dental offices (and growing daily!), TempStars is quickly becoming the best, first, and default choice for dental professionals looking to hire and get hired for temping and permanent positions. By expanding service in the United States this year, TempStars is showing it is dedicated to inspiring and making a positive impact in the dental community on a global scale.

About Dentist Insurance Services

Established in 1989 to address the rising cost of dental malpractice insurance, Dentist Insurance Services are the dental risk experts and take pride in managing the insurance portfolios of every client. Created for dentists by dentists, they provide exceptional customer service, competitive rates, and partner with the best carriers in the country to deliver an outstanding portfolio of insurance products. You can learn more at www.joindis.com/tempstars