VisCalor Dispenser: Composite Caps Rapid Warming Dispenser

VOCO introduces the VisCalor Dispenser, a composite capsule rapid warming and application device designed for VOCO’s new groundbreaking 2-in-1 thermo-viscous VisCalor composite line.

This sleek, ergonomically designed application device combines several innovations that enable the rapid warming of VisCalor in 30 seconds while maximizing the working time to as much as 2 minutes, 30 seconds. The warmer uses innovative Near-Infrared Technology in tandem with VOCO’s newly designed unit dose capsules. These easy-access-capsules are not only great for application, but are also made from a special plastic that improves the heat transfer and allows for the rapid warming of VisCalor’s TVT polymers. While heat energy is absorbed by the composite, the device does not become hot, nor does the composite become too warm to damage the pulp. This was confirmed by a 3rd party university study.

The VisCalor Dispenser has a removeable, autoclavable sheath for infection control and is powered by a rechargeable lithium battery that can be easily charged via a mini USB cable. It is the perfect warming, easy-application tool for VOCO’s groundbreaking VisCalor line of composite restoratives.

The VisCalor Dispenser is optimized for use with VOCO capsules, which are designed to absorb the Near-Infrared energy and withstand the rapid warming process. The use of other manufacturers’ caps risks damaging the cap and the dispenser.


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