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Doctors Beware: The Dilemma of Infant Oral Care

January 1, 2001 M-Reza Nouri, DMD, Dip.Paedo., FRCD(C)

I recently had the opportunity to examine a five-year-old boy as a new patient in my office. The medical history was non-contributory other than seasonal asthma and the fact that he had undergone three surgeries for cleft lip and palate.The

Dr. Nicolucci is Presidentof the Canadian Society of Oral Implantology and Oral Health's implantology consultant.

The Perception of Implants by the Profession

August 1, 2000 Blake Nicolucci, BSc., DDS

I was dismayed, recently, to hear that a female patient of mine had been on a holiday south with her friends, and had the opportunity to be introduced to an Orthodontist – a friend of one of her friends who


Learning Assessment (August 01, 2000)

August 1, 2000 by Oral Health

The SLSA program is based on current, referenced literature and consists of 40 questions, answers, rationales and references. Dentists who complete the 15 question quiz in the November, 2000 issue of Oral Health may be eligible to receive continuing education

FIGURE 8 Dense bone insertion of 4.7 mmD tapered Screw-Vent into a straight osteotomy.

PRODUCT PROFILE: Achieving Osseointegration in Soft Bone: The Search for Improved Results; PRODUCT PROFILE

August 1, 2000 Gerald A. Niznick, DDS, MSD

Modern implantology represents a continuum of developments spanning more than a century. Most early implant restorations were relatively short-lived, due to a lack of fully biocompatible materials.1 Increased predictability was finally achieved with Strock’s2 introduction of cobalt-chromium implants in 1939.


PRODUCT PROFILE: A New Method For Intraosseus Injection: The X-Tip

July 1, 2000 David Isen, Hon. B.Sc., DDS

Dr. Kerr is chairman of Oral Health's editorial board.

The Eighty-Five Percent Myth

February 1, 2000 James M. Kerr, DDS

From my vantage point of having been in dentistry for more than 30 years, both in active practice and as editor/chairman of Oral Health, I have witnessed a lot of changes in dentistry – some for the better, some for