How to Build an Organic Dental Community on LinkedIn

by Aditya Sharma, Co-Founder, Hiration, Inc.

As LinkedIn has over 610 million professionals, you should not get left behind. LinkedIn has been an influential tool for generating leads for businesses, even for medical services.

A well-crafted strategy to build an organic community can attract a significant number of potential patients. 

Though it is understandable as devising a strategy for LinkedIn requires a lot of time and effort, and it becomes a gruelling task to tackle when you have a practice to run. 

Hence, in this guide, we will help you apply a few best practices that are not time-consuming and will get you results: 

Optimize your profile

LinkedIn profile optimization can help you connect with like-minded professionals. Let’s take an example of the novel coronavirus, where patients are ridden with paranoia, and they are seeking reassurances from the practitioners. 

Thus, you need an eye-catching LinkedIn Headline that explains your services effectively. 

If your profile lacks this information, this new patient will jump to the next profile. Hence, it is important to provide details about your offerings and the key expertise in your profile. 

Here is how you can achieve this: 

  • Company page: Make a company page to introduce your practice to professionals on LinkedIn. Further, add the URL of your website here. You can even add page administrators to ensure engagement with professionals. 
  • Industry and LinkedIn banner: Update your target industry to build connections with like-minded professionals. Change the default cover picture of your profile and update it with your key expertise. Let’s say you are running a clinic and your expertise lies in dentures. Then such information should reflect on your banner. 

Enhance your network 

Enhancing your network on LinkedIn should not be limited to sending out connection requests to everyone. 

Be specific about what kind of professional network you are trying to build, such as medical professionals, former patients, healthcare workers. 

Devise a strategy for your target community and integrate the following tips in your approach to building a professional network: 

  • Allow LinkedIn to access your contacts list, email, or otherwise, to connect with individuals you may already know.
  • While searching for professionals to connect with, update the industry to improve the suggestions list. 
  • You can use a LinkedIn premium feature InMail to send messages to people you are not connected with. 

Engage with professionals 

Start engaging with the professionals in your network to improve the performance of your profile. 

LinkedIn has group forums and allows users to post updates. Identify your goals and your industry, and you can engage with professionals here.

While doing so, refrain from making it sound like a promotional pitch. Use your expertise to provide value to patients. 

Further, post updates and write articles to spark engagements among professionals in your network. You can post once a week to build a community that interests you. 

Use the nearby feature 

This is a brilliant tool for practitioners targeting locals. Let’s say your clinic is located in Pasadena, California, and you are targeting patients from the nearby region. 

Hence, through the nearby feature, you can connect with individuals within 100 feet of your location. 

Further, this feature can allow you to search for events, seminars, etc. happening near your location.

Recommendations & Endorsements

Recommendations and endorsements can improve your credibility as a practitioner. Let’s say you treated a patient, and they were happy with the provided services. 

You can ask such patients to give a recommendation of your services to your profile. Further, your skills can do with a boost by improving its legitimacy. 

Ask professionals in your field to endorse the skills as evidence for the listed expertise. 


To end, incorporate the above tips while making sure that all the listed expertise and experience is concrete and true. While optimizing the profile, update the headline with your valued skills. Conduct research to search for professional profiles in the dental industry, and modify your profile along those lines. 

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