It never was a 2 dimensional world………

Copenhagen, December 23, 2010
 – 3Shape A/S, the user-acclaimed worldwide leader in 3D scanners and CAD/CAM software solutions, has released its next generation Dental SystemTM2010 to the market. This latest pacesetting software for Dental CAD/CAM solutions brings new and highly sophisticated indications never before seen in the digital arena, offering unsurpassed productivity and business gains for dental labs.

New Dental SystemTM 2010features include simultaneous modeling on Upper & Lower jaw, Dynamic Virtual Articulation, the market’s fastest digital design of Removable Partials,SmileComposerTM with mirror and clone functionality for designing aesthetic full anatomy bridges,sophisticated design of implant bars, virtual addition of attachments for any indication, and many more powerful features.

Tais Clausen, CTO and 3Shape Co-Founder of 3Shape recently demonstrated Dental System 2010 for hundreds of dental professionals at 7 different locations in the U.S.A.
“Attendees were very impressed with the many new features,” says Tais Clausen. “But they were also very happy to see that 3Shape has improved and strengthened Dental System’s basic engine functionalities such as Copings, Bridges and Abutment design, making these essential indications even faster and easier to design.”

Selected dental laboratories have been using Dental System 2010 and evaluating its performance with actual customer cases. Kurt Reichel, founder and owner of Kurt Reichel Dental Lab is already providing restorations using the latest Dental System 2010 features:

“It’s like driving a sleek vehicle with enormous engine power,” says Kurt Reichel. “Dental System 2010’s new Smile Composer and Dynamic Virtual Articulation have speeded up our workflows significantly while ensuring new levels of esthetics and consistent results. The new partial design software has opened up a whole new profitable service area for my business.”

The new Dental SystemTM 2010 cements 3Shape’s already solid position as market leader in the rapidly evolving CAD/CAM dental business environment. 3Shape has released Dental SystemTM2010 to its partners who will be providing it to end-users in the course of the next few months. 

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