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August 30, 2016 News DentalDental CareDentistryNewsOral Health

Dental Therapists Are Being Suggested To Fill The Gap In Dental Care

by The Associated Press

A coalition of more than 50 advocacy groups in Kansas has suggested educating dental therapists to work under the supervision of established dentists to help cover a service gap in the state. Four out of five counties in Kansas don’t

August 29, 2016 News Dental CareNewsOral HealthPublic Health

Canadian Program Promotes Oral Health In Remote Northern Areas

by Rachel Zelniker, CBC News

A new study published in the Canadian Journal of Public Health is calling on the federal government to expand a program to prevent tooth decay in remote Inuit and First Nations communities. The Children’s Oral Health Initiative (COHI) is a Health

August 26, 2016 News Dental CareDentistryNewsOral HealthPublic Health

Nunavut Is Feeling the Troubling Absence of Permanent Dental Services

by Rachel Zelniker, CBC News

People in Arviat, Nunavut, are finally able to see a dentist, after equipment issues resulted in a painful break in service. A dentist typically visits the community every month, but the July and August trips were postponed due to a broken dental

August 25, 2016 News Dental CareDental HygieneNewsOral HealthPublic Health

Niagara Is Trying To Help Low Income Adults Get Dental Care

by Niagara This Week

Members of the Niagara Dental Health Coalition are calling on Niagara MPPs to support the expansion of public dental programs to adults and seniors who cannot afford to pay for private dental health care. OHIP does not provide health coverage

phone skills
August 23, 2016 Feature Dental CareDental HygieneDental Office

Back To Basics: Listening Skills On The Phone

by Larry M. Guzzardo

Dentistry is part art, part science, but all about people. In dental school, the people part of the equation was overlooked, and it takes a number of years in practice to realize its importance. Dentistry is a service business, and

August 23, 2016 Feature Dental CareDental HygienePractice Operations

Ensure Patient Confidence With 4-Step Post-Hygiene System

by Lisa Philp

Every dentist has experienced it: a choppy hygiene report that creates chaos, patient confusion and a ripple effect of schedule delays. When it becomes chronic, it has a deleterious effect on your entire operation. How to fix this common but

August 23, 2016 Feature Dental CareDental HygieneOral Health

Communicate With Patients To Build Trust And Gain Acceptance

by Lisa Philp

The success of a modern dental practice is entirely dependent on how effective it is at influencing its patients to say yes to optimal dental health. It’s simple consumer economics: no matter how exceptional the practice, if the patient rejects

August 23, 2016 News Dental CareNewsOral HealthOral Surgery

Root Canals Could Be Seeing Their Last Days

by Mary Brophy Marcus, CBS News

Could root canal procedures go by the wayside in the not-too-distant future? Scientists from the University of Nottingham and Harvard University’s Wyss Institute hope so. They’re developing a new treatment strategy that could someday help heal a damaged tooth using

August 23, 2016 Feature Dental CareDental HygienePractice Operations

How To Communicate Positively, Effectively With Different And Difficult People

by Judy Kay Mausolf

Our success in life depends greatly on how well we communicate in our personal and professional lives. When we communicate positively and effectively we inspire connections and build happier, healthier and higher performing relationships. Our ceiling of success then becomes

August 22, 2016 News Dental CareDentistryNewsOral Health

CareCredit Working to Create Manageable Access to Dentists

by Yahoo! Finance

CareCredit, a leading provider of promotional healthcare financing, today announced multi-year, first-look agreement renewals with four prominent dental organizations. These four agreements strengthen CareCredit’s acceptance in more than 400 locations throughout the Midwest, Northeast and Southeast. Dentures & Dental Services

August 22, 2016 News Dental CareNewsOral HealthPaediatric Dentistry

Dental Issues in Children On the Rise Due to Poor Economy

by Michele Jarvie, Calgary Herald

With tens of thousands of lost jobs and others struggling in a poor economy, there’s been a big spike in the number of kids unable to get dental care. “With the economy, with the government and with fees, it’s a multi-faceted issue and, you can appreciate

August 19, 2016 News Dental CareNewsOral HealthPublic Health

There Could Be A Link Between Fluoride Consumption and Diabetes

by Science Daily

Water fluoridation prevents dental cavities, which are a costly public health concern. But despite the benefits supplemental water fluoridation remains a controversial subject. Some indicate it may cause long term health problems, but studies reporting side effects have been minimal

August 18, 2016 News Dental CareDental HygieneNewsOral HealthPublic Health

Colgate Study Finds Good Oral Health Habits Are Common In Multicultural Communities

by PR Newswire

Colgate today revealed the results from a national oral health care survey of more than 3,000 multicultural Americans, specifically Hispanics, African-Americans, Asian Americans and Native Americans. The survey sourced questions from leading dental associations including the American Dental Association, Hispanic Dental

August 17, 2016 News DentalDental CareNewsOral Health

Common Toothpastes Found To Contain Toxins, Report Finds

by Common Dreams

The latest report by The Cornucopia Institute, an organic industry watchdog, uncovers serious problems in cosmetics industry regulations. Regulatory weaknesses and loopholes allow for the use of questionable, even harmful ingredients in personal care products, such as toothpastes, that could

August 17, 2016 News Dental CareNewsOral HealthPublic Health

Students Are Neglecting Their Oral Health Once Starting College

by Paula Hulburt, Stuff

College students are failing to show up for vital dental checks forcing some to face painful and expensive consequences. Blenheim dental therapist Andrea Carr revealed some days up to half her patients failed to show for scheduled appointments. And many

August 16, 2016 News Dental CareDentistryNewsOral HealthPublic Health

Flossing Is Now Debatable Due To Allergic Reactions In Patients

by Josh Crabb, CTV News Winnipeg

Dentists have long taught people the benefits of flossing as part of good oral health. A new made in Manitoba study put the practice under the microscope and the results are surprising. Dentists actually asked some of their patients to

August 12, 2016 News DentalDental CareNewsOral Health

Selfies Are Being Praised For Helping Patients Better Brush Their Teeth

by Seerat Chabba, Medical Daily

The “selfie” fad may be causing a number of unfortunate incidents across the globe but it also has its upside. According to a new study, recording video “selfies” while brushing teeth can help improve a person’s oral health. The study’s

August 9, 2016 News AnnouncementDental CareNewsPaediatric Dentistry

Baby Tooth Album Launches New ‘Eli the Firefly’ Product to Teach Kids Importance of Dental Health

by Krysten McCumber

For some parents, getting their children to brush their teeth is a daily struggle. Getting active children to stand still while focusing on two minutes of teeth brushing can seem like an eternity. That’s why mom and dad duo, Lala

August 8, 2016 News Dental CareNewsPublic Health

BioGaia’s L. reuteri Prodentis Found To Control and Reduce Pregnancy Gingivitis In Recent Study

by Business Wire

A double-blind, randomised, placebo-controlled study in 45 women with pregnancy gingivitis showed that supplementation of L. reuteri Prodentis significantly reduced inflammation and plaque compared to placebo. “Our study shows that L. reuteri containing lozenges may be a valuable adjunct in

August 8, 2016 News Dental CareDentistryNewsPractice Operations

Dental Therapist Programs Require Only Three-Year Program But Are Scrutinized By Many Dentists For Lack Of Training

by Diane Dietz, The Register Guard

Lane Community College is in the vanguard of a movement to create a new kind of dental worker for Oregon inner cities, rural areas, migrant communities and tribal lands, where dental treatment is often scarce. The college recently received a $100,000