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October 24, 2016 News AnesthesiologyDental OfficeDentistryGeneral PracticeNewsOral Surgery

Many Questions are Arising Around Alberta’s Anesthesia Guidelines

by Alexandra Zabjek, CBC News

Alberta is one of just two provinces where dentists with specialized training both administer general anesthetic and perform a dental procedure on a patient, according to a CBC inquiry. The majority of provinces require at least two “operators” be present

September 21, 2016 News AnesthesiologyDentistryNewsOral Health

ADA Guidelines Surrounding Sedation Dentistry to be Examined

by Yahoo! Finance

Dentists and their team members throughout the country are invited to participate in an informative, live Town Hall teleconference ahead of the upcoming American Dental Association Annual Meeting in Denver. The Town Hall is being organized and will be hosted

August 5, 2016 News AnesthesiologyDental CareNews

Dentists’ Access to Anesthesia Is Being Examined in Texas After Multiple Concerned Reports

by Kate Weidaw, KXAN

The Anesthesia Committee with the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners is meeting Friday afternoon to discuss possible changes when it comes to the permitting process for dentists who offer anesthesia for dental procedures. This committee only meets on an

May 5, 2011 News Anaesthesia

American woman wakes from surgery with British accent – pity eh what!

by ken

No, this is not an updated version of the Guess Who song from 1970… By Seamus McGraw When she went under the oral surgeon‘s knife 18 months ago, Karen Butler sounded like any other lifelong resident of coastal Oregon. But

April 21, 2011 News AnaesthesiaPediatric dentistry

Syringe cover takes the fear out of pediatric local anesthesia

by ken

By Rob Goszkowski – Dr.Bicuspid.com April 21, 2011 — Getting children to sit through a dental procedure is a challenge most practitioners inevitably face. The mere mention of the word “needle” can prompt anxiety and panic in young patients, making

June 10, 2010 News General News

Lindsey Lohan Banned for Dental Sedatives Drugs

by ken

I figured that if there was a Lindsay Lohan dental story, it would give some serious street cred to this new blog………so here goes………..Even though Lindsay Lohan has been banned by a Judge from taking drugs, she underwent anesthesia recently