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August 10, 2011 News Cloud computing

Is it time for the cloud to come to your practice?

by ken

From Dental Economics by Martin Jablow Dental technology continues to move forward. Slow speed belt driven handpieces have given way to precision electric handpieces. Impressions can now be taken with a camera. We are replacing a scalpel with a laser.

July 15, 2011 News BlogsDental industryDental TeamElearningSocial networking

Thus spake Zarathustra

by ken

Something to ponder and consider: Practice: By developing an online presence for office through Facebook, Twittr, or a blog, you demonstrate to potential patients that you are human and care about their world. Collegial: The ability to obtain literally immediate

July 7, 2011 News Tooth decay

25 Things That Make You More Likely To Get Cavities

by ken

SP Image by dreamglowpumpkincat210 via Flickr ECTACULAR ARTICLE for your client base……… From Oral Answers – by Tom – and it’s printer friendly – ah CONNECTIVITY!!! Read me Seymour Related articles Innovative dental camera to launch in 2012 (blogohj.oralhealthjournal.com) Oragenics

June 29, 2011 News Keeping you guessing

Standard Oil – Dentsply International – do the math?

by ken

One has to wonder whether a colossus is the answer to the future of dentistry. Does a monolithic entity that detaches itself at the corporate level, further and further from it’s client base, r Image via CrunchBase eally bring needed

June 21, 2011 News Dental ethicsGeneral NewsPractice management

Heart and Soul – above all else,to thine own self be true – a passion play

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April 10, 2011 News Innovations in dentistryMarketing strategiesPractice management

Anticipate the inevitability of a trend…first run movies coming to a home theater near you…

by ken

I suggest you read this first……CLICK………..then ask yourself. In a world of upheaval, economic uncertainty, will your client base expect greater and greater innovation from you in regard to educating them on their needs………the old saw of making them want

April 8, 2011 News Community outreachPractice managementSocial networkingTrends in Dental Education

Ignore an obvious trend at your peril!!!

by ken

Copy genius – it reads faster and in this sound byte era enacts greater impact than “if I see further, it’s because I stand on the shoulders of giants.”  A few years back, it became apparent to those of us