ADDE 2013 Survey on the European Dental Trade

While at the IDS in Cologne, Oral Health’s Senior Publisher, Melissa Summerfield, attended a press conference put on by ADDE (Association of Dental Dealers in Europe) and FIDE (Federation of the European Dental Industry). At this event, they shared some highlights from the recent 2013 survey on market trends in the European Dental Trade. Here are just a few key facts:

* the number of dentists slightly increased 1.03% to 270,155

* total sales decreased slightly, down 2.5% to 6,041 million Euros; with Equipment sales down 6.2% and Sundries down 3.6%

* three European markets reported growth rates for total sales: Denmark up by 12.75%; France up by 1.98% and UK up by 1.04%

* the number of patients to dentist ratio remained status quo across Europe, although numbers of graduating dentists is now falling (down by 13%)

* the use of computers in practices and ordering via Internet continued to grow strongly during 2012 but still varies greatly by country

For more information or to order a complete copy of the survey, please contact ADDE. An order form is available on their website at: