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ADL Dental Laboratories Inc.: One Big Family

November 13, 2018
by ADL Dental Laboratories Inc.

Given the opportunity to create a state-of-the-art dental lab facility from the bare walls, ADL set out to achieve this dream and inspire our team of dedicated technicians with a clean, streamlined, modern workplace – a bright, open yet inviting lab that provides ample natural light and a comfortable work environment.


The design process was a labor of love between our architect and our talented contractors, Perlane, with ample input from the entire ADL team. The vision was of a modern, polished European look with open work spaces and this was achieved by using glass walls to separate the departments while maintaining their individuality. No one person is separated from the others by bare walls.

High end materials were used throughout – from the marble in the reception area to the cushioned vinyl floors in the work areas which, whilst being durable for the high traffic volume, provide a comfortable surface for standing and walking. The top-quality work benches were imported from Europe and art work was carefully chosen to further enhance the visual aspect.

This was also the perfect opportunity to update our technology and create an easier workflow within all departments.

Last but not least – the open concept and glass walls mean that windows can be seen wherever you stand in the lab, providing ample natural light that is so imperative for our technicians.
Our team at ADL is one big family and, with the input of each and every one of them, our dream home-away-from-home has been achieved.