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August 21, 2011 News APPsDental Laboratories

Steve Jobs for KING OF THE WORLD

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I’m farklempt, read on, APP’s, more APP’s…….Laval, Canada – CANADA!!! – August 20,2011 Created in partnership with Bold Technologies, an innovative mobile application marks the next step for Styledent Technologies in finding more solutions in new technologies with the goal

July 31, 2011 News Orthodontics

Restoration of a lower incisor’s periodontal health by means of a selected radicular torque control using a fixed lingual orthodontic approach; case report.

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REMINDER TO ONE AND ALL………..MOUTHING OFF is at long last changing to a social media and networking friendly platform; Word Press – took four thousand emails and some yelling and screaming but, soon……that’s corporate speak for more hurry up and

July 19, 2011 News Dental phobia

‘By applying hypnotherapy, dental anxiety and phobia in patients can be alleviated’

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By Yvonne Bachmann – Dental Tribune International The term “hypnodontics” describes the application of hypnosis in dentistry. It was introduced some decades ago in the US. As the term appears to cause confusion, experts also use the term “dental hypnosis“.

May 13, 2011 News Technology

Apple patents speech-to-text, text-to-speech feature for iPhone

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By Andrew Coutts – May 13, 2011 A new Apple patent could make it easier for iPhone users to make and receive calls when talking is not an option. A recently filed Apple patent application suggests that the company plans to bring

May 13, 2011 News Dental industryTrends in DentistryWebsites

They’ve got APPs for this, they’ve got APPs for that….

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May 12, 2011 – If you’re reading this, there’s an APP for that. Integrated Media Solutions recently launched its Dental Product Promotions app for the iPhone and Android. In a continuing effort to connect dental professionals with dental product manufacturers,

April 19, 2011 News ImplantologyOrthodontics

Y shaped elastic – Does precision in force application matter for correction of individual upper second molar crossbite?

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I wanted to demonstrate what we are currently working on for the OH blog………this is simply a sample of something I pulled off the Internet. In time, we hope that all Canadian dentists will share cases with us and in

April 1, 2011 News AwardsImplantology

André Schroeder Research Prize – One of the most prestigious awards in dentistry, the André Schroeder Research Prize serves to promote new scientific findings in implant dentistry and related fields.

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Established almost 20 years ago, the André Schroeder Research Prize is an annual award presented by the ITI in honor of the late Professor André Schroeder (1918-2004), the founding ITI President, who pioneered implant dentistry and whose lifework contributed significantly

February 23, 2011 News Tooth whitening

Oh! That’s Easy! Oh! That’s Brilliant! Oh! That’s Opalescence! shhh, this is called product placement

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Ida Baghoomian, Public Relations Manager (801) 553-4243 ida.baghoomian@ultradent.com Steve Clark, Senior Brand Manager Whitening (801) 553-4303 steve.clark@ultradent.com  SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH- February 2011 -Opalescence makes another striking statement with the launch of Opalescence Oh! at the Chicago Midwinter Dental Meeting this month. Unit-dose disposable

September 25, 2010 News Trends in Dental Education

It’s getting better all the time………….

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Teledentistry (Tele-OralHealth)… Webinars are fast becoming the sine qua non for dental education.  For those who challenge this, I suggest they start looking at the statistics from Angus Reid and Millennium research on other media delivery platforms.  It’s not about

September 23, 2010 News Laser Dentistry

Netflix DDS

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As an addendum to the previous post, please visit the accompanying URL – excellent videos on laser application to a variety of dental procedures……….. http://www.laresdental.com/videos.asp Related articles by Zemanta Netflix CEO Thinks Americans Are Too Egocentric to Notice Canada’s Discount