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A very large majority of the unsolicited email that crosses my pewter is email blasts for CE. There was one today from the Halton Peel Dental Association, my regional society, the largest in Canada I’m told. On June 1st, 2012, Dr. Paul Weigl will be presenting an all day program on Brilliant Aesthetics. I’ve seen Paul lecture four or five times and for my money, he is unequaled. He won’t dazzle you with visual pyrotechnics, but his mix of scientific literature, his own research, his clinical acumen will “rock your world”. He is endearing and charming as a presenter and one of the few that doesn’t simply parade cases, but makes a case for his process with sound logic and builds. He lays out his reasoning process on why he takes the approach he does to implant driven aesthetics et al and when the day is done, you simply can’t figure out why you ever thought “your way” made sense.  Check out www.hpda.ca and if there is room at the inn, book it Dano!!!!  All of which took me back to the time I first became aware of him. It sent me to the archives; I’ve dusted off several articles and given that we’re using SlideShare to present you with a myriad of educational opportunity, until someone from one of the publishing companies sends a cease and desist order (shhhh – mum’s the word), here they are for your perusal and usal…










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