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Force the issue! DEMAND knowledge networks!! You are the POWER!!!

Please read this article on the concept of  ONLINE IVY UNIVERSITIES.

The next time a company invites you to a product-centric webinar, answer them thusly:  “Critical thinking and comprehensive care are the sine qua non of logical, science based treatment planning. I appreciate the need for your company to meet bottom line expectations for its sharedholders, but I have shareholders as well. They are my client base, the people they direct to my practice, the people my team serves with expertise and excellence, people that expect me to learn and grow throughout my practice lifetime, who expect me to perform and  practice based on substantive information accrual and distillation.

It is imperative that the information I receive be evidence based, not eminence based. For those of you who feel that glossy brochures and studio shots with copywritten buzz phrases are meaningful, spend an hour watching Mad Men and realize that the jig is up, we have your number. It’s the information age; share information, not pap. If  your product is valuable, then collegial discourse through knowledge networks will determine the veracity of your claims. Work with the profession in a true collaboration to create and foster knowledge networks that flow with the yin and yang of Socratic teaching and not advocate-based solipsistic tripe. If there is value, you have nothing to fear; if not, then retrench, readapt, rethink and remarket.  You can buy Ripple or you can buy Chappellet 2006 Cabernet Sauvignon; we as a profession are not fools, we recognize that cheap is dear.  As a professional, experience and learning breed a meritocracy. A rising tide raises all ships and knowledge networks are the key to ensuring that there is a common standard for achievement and excellence. They are to be lauded and applauded, not feared or jeered. Their time in the pantheon of continuing education is seriously overdue. They are the true oversight mechanism for any profession.”

Call them knowledge networks, discussion forums, intranets or chat rooms; they are the most effective way of ensuring truth in advertising and continuing in continuing education.

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