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How Relevant Are You in Changing Times?

Tuesday's with TransitionsChange is everywhere and especially in dentistry.  How are you adapting to the changes and using them to be more relevant to your patients?

Technology, as we all know, is revolutionizing what the dentist is able to accomplish in the clinical arena.  We now have a multitude of diagnostic tools that only a handful of futurists foresaw just ten years ago.  We are able to offer more complicated procedures and complete them with greater confidence and precision.

We venture deep into the discretionary realm and create exquisite cosmetics, aesthetic reconstruction, and functional replacements, which astound the mind and the eye.  We have a wide selection of materials that greatly broaden the choices that we can make available to our patients.

Our insights into practice and team development are challenging us to change constantly.  As we come to understand the importance of the behavioral dimension, we are faced with learning new ways to communicate and relate.

We are spending more time in team building which, in turn, helps us to be more effective in less time in the clinical and administrative dimension.  The business of our business is changing more rapidly than we could ever have imagined.

Of course, patients are changing as well.  Their lives are more complicated and demanding than ever before.  While on the one hand, people are more health conscious than ever, their success in actually becoming healthier is questionable.

Memberships in health clubs, subscriptions to health magazines, and vitamin supplement purchases continue to rise.  But although we, as a population, seem to have more information about health than ever before, we hear that incidence of  heart disease, strokes, and other lifestyle-related diseases are increasing at a steady rate.

What we have is a population that wants to become healthier but which does not always know how to go about it.  They are confused and overwhelmed by the array of choices available to them.
Given these changing dimensions, consider how will you become more relevant to your patients,  your most precious resource.

To learn more specific details and implement systems and protocols about how you can become more relevant to your patients, we welcome you to contact TGNA for assistance.  Our team of professional dental coaches work across North America to help dental practices like yours.  Simply email info@transitionsonline.com or call toll free 1-800-345-5157 to contact us. We’re here to help you and look forward to hearing from you soon.

For more information, please visit: www.transitionsonline.com.

Lisa Philp, RDH






Lisa Philp is the Chief Visionary Officer of TGNA – Transitions Group North America.  Lisa is committed to being an eternal student in the areas of personal growth, leadership, change management, human capital potential, adult learning, advanced training techniques and communication skills.

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