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The screw is the clue

March 30, 2012
by ken

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A great technique and real life experience of having an abutment screw strip while trying to remove the screw retained crown. Dr. Kaep was on the ball as he dove into make a groove into the head of the screw w/ a small round highspeed bur, and then, use a philips-esque driver to loosen the screw. Thanks Dr. Kaep!


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http://www.gcuomodds.com Video available for dentists to help you make your own transfer jig. Are you tired of problems your lab is faced with to make your implant cases right for the patient? Are you frustrated with implant fit problems at chair side? Are you waisting valuable chair time trying to make Implant bridgework fit the patient’s mouth? Then you need to watch this video!!


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Dental Implant Surgery – Explicit – drscottmaclean.com demonstrates the placement of a screw retained “immediate” temporary cylinder crown. This crown is fabricated chairside following placement of an implant. NobelActiveTM system from NobelBiocare. scottmaclean@me.com


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Amazing video. Watch Dr. Cohen perform an Immediate Implant Loading to replace a lost tooth. The Ankylos Implant is used for the precise implant abutment connection. The whole procedure took 1 hour and the patient walked out of the office with a new tooth.



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