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June 14, 2022 News Dental HygieneNewsOral Health

Canadian Dental Hygienists Association Releases Policy Paper on a National Oral Health Care Plan for Canadian Seniors


In a policy paper, the Canadian Dental Hygienists Association (CDHA) is calling on the Government of Canada to commit $2 billion over five years to provincial and territorial governments to deliver a pan-Canadian oral health program that would give Canadian seniors,

June 8, 2022 News Dental HygieneNewsOral Health

Joint Statement from the Oral Health Professions Regulators

by College of Dental Hygienists of Ontario

The CDHO has partnered with Ontario’s oral health regulatory Colleges to produce the following statement on fallow times and closed operatories. This statement is endorsed by: Glenn Pettifer – Registrar/CEO, CDHO Roderick Tom-Ying – Acting Registrar/CEO, CDO Dan Faulkner –

June 6, 2022 News Dental HygieneNews

Oral Science Launches Perichlor Chlorhexidine Without Alcohol, for the Optimal Patient Experience!

by Oral Science

Oral Science is proud to launch Perichlor (DIN 02493160), an Alcohol-Free 0.12% Chlorhexidine Gluconate Oral Rinse. Perichlor is indicated for use as part of a professional program for the treatment of moderate to severe gingivitis, and for management of associated

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June 3, 2022 Feature Dental HygieneOral Health OfficePractice management

Activating Your Dental Hygiene Business Mindset

by Lisa Hardill, RDH, BHADM

In the past two years, the strain of the pandemic has caused dental teams across the country to re-evaluate processes – a challenge at the best of times but essential to providing optimal patient care and maintaining practice production through

May 17, 2022 News Dental HygieneNews

Edmond Woman Graduates Dental School From Hospital After Giving Birth

by Koco News

An Edmond woman graduated dental school from the hospital after giving birth. Only five days away from her due date, baby Kory couldn’t wait another second. “I was like, ‘I don’t think I’m going to make this graduation,’” Cala French

May 12, 2022 Feature Dental HygienePractice management

The Schedule Squeeze Play

by Dr. Robert Maguire, DDS

Last week, I had two dentists share with me a similar sentiment, “My team doesn’t support me.” When I asked them for more details, they both indicated that their teams got very upset whenever they decided, spur of the moment,

May 12, 2022 Feature Dental HygieneHygienistsPractice management

3 Pivotal Business Systems for Hygienists to Embrace

by Carrie Webber, Owner & Chief Communications Officer, The Jameson Group

In the hundreds and hundreds of dental practices we at Jameson have had the opportunity to work with over the past three decades, we have seen high-performing practices and low-performing practices. We have seen teams that work as an aligned

May 12, 2022 Feature Dental Hygiene

5 Ways to Keep Up with Clients’ Changing Expectations

by Kathleen Bokrossy, RDH

Things have changed since March 2020 in many respects. The way we practice, the way we communicate with our clients, and what is expected of us as dental professionals has also changed – are you doing enough to keep up?

May 12, 2022 Feature Dental HygieneOverall Health

Expanding The Dental Hygienist’s Role: A Focus on Reducing Heart Attack and Stroke Risk

by Lorraine Gambacourt, RDH

The first time I heard Dr. Bradley Bale, MD, and Dr. Amy Doneen, DNP, speak about their latest research and the effect of oral health on arterial disease was at a 2016 AAOSH conference. From that point, I began to

May 12, 2022 Feature Dental Hygiene

Straight From a Patient’s Mouth: A Patient’s Perspective on Hygiene

by Janice Wheeler, President, The Art Of Management Inc.

There are two types of hygienists, and it’s not whether they are partnered with a dentist or independent. Let me explain from my own experience as a patient what the two types are. A BIT OF BACKGROUND I never saw

May 12, 2022 Feature Dental HygienePeriodontics

Stay Sharp: Technical Guidelines and Workplace Strategies for the Clinical Dental Hygienist.

by Gabriele Maycher, CEO, GEM Dental Experts Inc. BSc, PID, dip DH, RDH

Q: I just started working in a practice where restorative dentistry has been the primary focus and periodontal therapy has been neglected. How do I begin to make the transition toward a more perio-focused process of care? A: Chances are

May 12, 2022 Feature Dental HygieneEditorialPractice management

Four Skills That Make a Great Leader

by Judy Kay Mausolf

I would like to tell you a story about a woman who was a great leader. Her name is Ione Miller, and she just happens to be my mom.  Mom was a city girl who, at the age of 19, married

May 12, 2022 News Dental HygieneToothlife Technology

Paid Philips Power Flosser 3000

by Irene Iancu, BSc, RDH, CTDP, OM

Floss Like A Boss With The Philips Power Flosser 3000 Besides being great clinical providers for optimal patient care, we work tirelessly as educators to teach and provide dental education to each person who sits in our chairs. Our role

May 12, 2022 News Dental HygieneNews

Oral Science Presents the EMS AIRFLOW® Prophylaxis Master and Guided Biofilm Therapy at the ODA Annual Spring Meeting 2022

by Oral Science

At Oral Science, we are very proud to have recently established a premier partnership with EMS to introduce this new and revolutionary component of EMS offerings in Canada: Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT). Guided Biofilm Therapy is a therapeutic 8 step

April 22, 2022 Feature CharityDental HygieneOral Health

Making an Impact by Giving Back, One Smile at a Time

by Lisa Hardill, RDH, BHADM

As healthcare professionals, we are passionate about positively impacting our patients’ lives and giving back to the communities we serve. With April being National Oral Health Month, many Canadian dental practices will be celebrating in different ways. dentalcorp, the organization

April 22, 2022 News Dental HygieneNews

Discover EMS Guided Biofilm Therapy & VoiceWorks Live at the Upcoming ODA!

by Oral Science

Oral Science invites all Dental Professionals to its ODA Annual Spring Meeting booth (#525) to discover 5 new innovations to enhance patients’ satisfaction and the return on investment of dental hygiene departments. #1 NEW – EMS AIRFLOW Prophylaxis Master & Guided Biofilm

April 13, 2022 News Dental HygieneNews

maxill Announces ‘maxill Student IPAC Champion Award’ for Dental Hygiene Students and 2021 Recipient

by maxill inc

Investing in Education | Investing in the Future of Dentistry: maxill inc is excited to announce the new maxill Student IPAC Champion Award. This new award will recognize future leaders in dentistry and reward their growth and understanding of infection

April 12, 2022 Feature Data Driven DentistryDental HygieneOHGdataPractice management

Let’s Bring Those Hygiene Patients Back!

by Oral Health

As COVID-19 restrictions ease, now is the time to bring back those patients who have avoided their dental appointments due to the pandemic. In fact, 86 percent of dentists that saw a decrease in their active patients over the last

April 12, 2022 News Dental HygieneNewsOral Health

CDHA Applauds Government’s Support of Increased Access to Oral Health Care


The Canadian Dental Hygienists Association (CDHA), representing more than 20,000 dental hygienists working across the country, welcomes the federal budget tabled by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Chrystia Freeland in the House of Commons on April 7. The

April 7, 2022 News Dental HygieneNews

Walk for a Smile: Cambrian Dental Hygiene Students Take a Hike for a Good Cause

by Sudbury.com

Cambrian dental hygiene students are getting ready to do their 19th annual charity walk to improve oral health awareness and outcomes. “Walk for A Smile” is an annual event at Cambrian College where dental hygiene students log the kilometres they