Endodontic Malpractice

Avoiding Endodontic Malpractice Pitfalls

Several years ago, I read an article published in a popular magazine by a patient who was denouncing the endodontist who had just treated them. … more

Confidence vs Competence in Dentistry

Definitions Confidence and competence are two words that are neither synonymous nor interchangeable. Confidence must be earned, as when it is simply imagined it can … more

Shooting seal bullets.

The Endodontic Triad: Dead or Alive?

INTRODUCTION “Change is the only constant.” The Greek philosopher Heraclitus is credited for speaking one of nature’s absolute rules about time and change. However, perhaps … more

Treatment of Compromised Teeth: The Usual Suspects

The unceasing innovations and iterations in dental technologies and materials has taken the sophistication of treatment modalities to an historic level. However, when we are … more

Treatment of Dental Sensitivity

Dentin hypersensitivity (DH) is a clinical symptom experienced due to exposed dentin from either enamel loss (erosion, abrasion, abfraction) or removal of cementum exposed through … more

Endodontics Through the Looking Glass

Endodontics has changed considerably over the past 60 years, yet the core principles remain unchanged: Instruments are still sequentially used to shape canals, irrigation is … more

Two-Day Intense Endodontics

Seminar Topic: Two-Day Intense Endodontics Speaker: Dr. Gary Glassman, DDS, FRCD(C) Course Description: This course addresses breakthrough concepts and details the skills necessary for acquiring the expertise … more