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May 12, 2022 Feature Dental HygienePractice management

The Schedule Squeeze Play

by Dr. Robert Maguire, DDS

Last week, I had two dentists share with me a similar sentiment, “My team doesn’t support me.” When I asked them for more details, they both indicated that their teams got very upset whenever they decided, spur of the moment,

May 12, 2022 Feature Dental HygieneEditorialPractice management

Four Skills That Make a Great Leader

by Judy Kay Mausolf

I would like to tell you a story about a woman who was a great leader. Her name is Ione Miller, and she just happens to be my mom.  Mom was a city girl who, at the age of 19, married

May 10, 2022 Feature Chairside ChatsPractice management

Chairside Chats: A Word With…Dr. Sam Kherani

by Oral Health

Dr. Sam Kherani Chief Dental Officer at 123Dentist What are the two key qualities you look for in a new team member? Attitude and good self-esteem. Attitude cannot be taught, but an individual who already has a good attitude can

May 10, 2022 Feature Data Driven DentistryDental TeamOHGdataPractice management

Don’t Let Your Team Be the One That Got Away

by Team

Not only have practices been struggling to attract new staff, but many practice owners are having trouble retaining current staff as well. In fact, 35 percent reported they had staff members voluntarily leave their practice last year. Most dentists took

May 3, 2022 Video Dental VideoPractice management

Weekly Wisdom: Finding Opportunities During a Time of Change

by Oral Health

  Shawn Peers, President of Dental Peers, returns to Weekly Wisdom to discuss how you can find practice success despite the ongoing changes in dentistry.     Subscribe to Oral Health’s weekly e-newsletter to have the latest episode delivered straight

Health and Fitness
April 29, 2022 Feature Oral Health OfficeOverall HealthPractice management

For the Pun of It: Health and Fitness Ideas to Help You Find What Fits

by Michael Carabash, BA, LLB, JD, MBA, CDPM

In March 2020, Oral Health published my most-viewed article. Surprisingly, it wasn’t about preparing, marketing and selling a dental practice. Apparently, in-depth talks about taxes, practice values, employment contracts and leases aren’t that sexy. It actually was a weight-loss piece

April 29, 2022 Feature Mental HealthOral Health OfficePractice management

Maintaining a Great Work-life Balance as a Dentist

by Dr. Sharda Patel

Most professionals in today’s busy world face a challenge when it comes to maintaining a healthy work-life balance. More so, if you run a dental practice! You need to juggle offering high-quality dental services and the demands of running a

Selling a Practice
April 29, 2022 Feature Dental practice transitionOral Health OfficePractice management

Selling a Practice: Realistic Expectations

by Jackie Joachim, ROI Corporation

Your practice is your baby. Even if you purchased it from another dentist, you still put in the hard work to make it your own. You’ve toiled, fretted and challenged yourself to reach new heights. And now it’s nearing the

April 29, 2022 Feature Marketing strategiesOral Health OfficePractice managementWebsites

What’s New With Google? How Recent and Planned Updates Impact Dental Marketing.

by Naren Arulrajah, Ekwa Marketing

The average dental office has many sources for new patients, one of the most significant being Google. That means ranking well for local searches is one of the most critical marketing tactics. Unfortunately, most dentists are very well aware of

April 29, 2022 Feature Oral Health OfficePain managementPractice management

The Silent Pandemic: Dentistry in the Time of Opioids

by Dr. Michelle Budd, Patient Safety Consultant; Julian Perez, Senior Vice-President of Legal and Risk

On a Friday afternoon, a dentist’s mind raced. Her patient was asking for a fifth refill of Percocet. The dentist was positive that the pain from a third molar extraction had passed and feared the patient had a substance dependence

One Dental
April 29, 2022 Feature Office designOral Health OfficePractice management

Office Space: One Dental

by Darcie Galbraith, BA, Interior Design Coach; Peter Barry, BA, practice success Coach

THE WHY: Owner’s story One Dental is a music-inspired practice located in Kelowna, BC that weaves lifestyle and rock ‘n’ roll aesthetics into its dental healthcare facility. Co-owners Dr. Don Macrae and his dental therapist wife Kim Macrae are partners

Artificial Intelligence
April 29, 2022 Feature Dental TechnologyNew TechnologiesOral Health OfficePractice management

Artificial Intelligence: New Technology vs. the Old Me

by Dr. Bruce Pynn, MSC, DDS, FRCD

“Alexa, give me the number of new patients in January 2022.” “Siri, play my patient’s favourite music.”Advertisement “Hey Google, tell my patients some jokes.” “Alexa, start the timer for the dental sterilizer.” Who are these people that we always speak

April 12, 2022 Feature Chairside ChatsOral HealthPractice management

Chairside Chats: A Word With…Dr. Mark Hamanishi

by Oral Health

Dr. Mark Hamanishi Chief Orthodontic Officer at 123Dentist How would you define or summarize your practice philosophy? As a digital orthodontist, I’ve made it our goal to consistently deliver dream smiles using some of the most advanced technology available to

April 12, 2022 Feature Data Driven DentistryDental HygieneOHGdataPractice management

Let’s Bring Those Hygiene Patients Back!

by Oral Health

As COVID-19 restrictions ease, now is the time to bring back those patients who have avoided their dental appointments due to the pandemic. In fact, 86 percent of dentists that saw a decrease in their active patients over the last

April 12, 2022 Feature Cosmetic / AestheticOral HealthPractice management

Post-pandemic Strategies for the Dental Practice

by Debra Engelhardt-Nash

To say that 2020 threw the world a giant curve ball would be one of the understatements of the decade. For some, it felt as though the earth had stopped revolving on its axis and it has never quite begun

April 5, 2022 Video Data Driven DentistryPractice managementWebinars

Data Driven Dentistry: Finding Practice Success in 2022

by Oral Health

Please join us in discussing the results of Oral Health’s annual Data Driven Dentistry survey with some of Canada’s leading experts in dentistry. We polled practising dentists across the country to ask for their thoughts on current dental challenges, maintaining

April 1, 2022 Feature CharityOral HealthOral Health OfficePractice management

Making an Impact by Giving Back, One Smile at a Time

by Lisa Hardill, RDH, BHADM

As healthcare professionals, we are passionate about positively impacting our patients’ lives and giving back to the communities we serve. With April being National Oral Health Month, many Canadian dental practices will be celebrating in different ways. dentalcorp, the organization

April 1, 2022 Feature Dental TeamOral Health OfficePractice management

Coming and Going: Dealing With Staff Mobility

by Janice Wheeler, The Art Of Management Inc.

The ebb and flow of staff has always existed. Babies are born, people move cross-country, practices downsize, and often the grass is simply just greener elsewhere. But never, ever has it been like we have experienced for the last two

April 1, 2022 Feature Oral Health OfficePractice management

Turks, Philippines, Sint Maarten, Oh My! Expanding Dental Outreach Programs

by Michael Carabash, BA, LLB, JD, MBA, CDPM

Remember October 2021? Outbreaks. Masks. Variants. Vaccines. Tests. Lockdowns. Mass resignations. Shortages. Inflation. Politics. Anger. Blame. And in that context, a group of Canadian dentists and support staff, mostly strangers, left home to provide free dental services to the impoverished

April 1, 2022 Feature Marketing strategiesOral Health OfficePractice management

Dentist’s Guide to Online Reputation Repair

by Naren Arulrajah, Ekwa Marketing

It is often said that word of mouth is the best advertisement. That may be true, but only if people are saying good things about your dental practice. Otherwise, it can become a PR nightmare. Furthermore, the modern version of