Social media’s future in dentistry

“Increasingly, I think the progressive physicians are more focused on the customer experience and how they can differentiate themselves from other physicians, not just from a clinical perspective but from the overall engagement perspective.”

That statement sums up an in-depth study of the role of social media in the future of medicine (and dentistry). It was made by a partner of Pricewaterhouse Coopers.  The PwC report concludes that social media provides an easy way of finding out what their customers care about. But there are other opportunities afforded by social media.

  • Through social media, the provider can gain insight into what the patients are willing to do to improve their health and what obstacles stand in their way. It uncovers needed or preferred services in your community.
  • It can be used to improve customer service more quickly and more openly.
  • It facilitates feedback on therapies. In the UK, HealthUnlocked has more than 100 disease-specific communities where patients share experiences and advice.

Dentistry is not yet one of those communities but given the new option of more preventive care, it seems poised to become one.

Sceptical that social media will affect your practice in the future? Take a look at how American physicians are using social media today (Chart 1). Currently 1 in 5 believe social media has the potential to improve communication with the patient.

Source: Ross Perry

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