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October 23, 2019 News BlogsSearch engineWebsites

Build A Good Layout For Your Dental Website For SEO

by Ekwa Marketing

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Pregnant Dental Patient
October 21, 2019 News Blogs

Oral Health Information And Practice: It’s Never Too Early!

by Lisa Hardill, RDH, BHADM

Dental Professionals should aim to teach soon-to-be parents about oral hygiene practices for their new baby even before the teeth arrive. It is common practice to make time to discuss the oral health status of a mother during pregnancy. As

October 14, 2019 News BlogsSearch engineSocial mediaSocial networkingWebsites

What Is The Google 3-Pack, And How Can Your Dental Practice Get There?

by Naren Arulrajah, Ekwa Marketing

How would you find the best place to get a haircut, eat lunch, or have your car repaired? Most likely, the answer is Google. You know that a quick search will yield a short list of top-rated local businesses nearby,

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October 7, 2019 News BlogsDental StudentsDental TeamNew dentistsNew gradsOffice ManagementPractice management

(Business) Questions Your Mother (Dental School) Never Told You About!

by Shawn Peers, Dental Peers

We probably all remember listening to the music of our parents when we were kids. Some of it we liked…others, not so much. My parents grew up in the juke box/malt shop era, so 50’s rock and roll was part

September 30, 2019 News Blogs

Share Your Smile Stories: Creating A Smile On The Inside And Out

by Lisa Hardill

Share Your Smile Stories is a series by the Oral Health Group that features inspiring stories from oral health professionals. For a number years I worked in a public health dental clinic, providing preventative services to children and youth that

September 25, 2019 News Blogs

Improve Your Links To Ensure Your Dental Website Ranks Higher in Search Results

by Ekwa Marketing

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September 23, 2019 News Blogs

Airway Health, Snoring And The Faces Of Tomorrow

by Dezarae Aldridge-Earl, RDH

You check on your 5 year old before heading to bed and can hear her snoring, yet again.  You wonder if it’s just her allergies? You think to yourself, will it ever pass? You remember the conversation you had with

September 16, 2019 News BlogsMarketing strategies

Guide To Making A Dental Practice Brochure

by Ronita Mohan

The ​digital sphere​ has become the focus for marketing across industries, especially over the last few years. However, marketing brochures continue to have their own place, especially in the real estate and medical sectors. For dentists with private practices, a

September 9, 2019 News BlogsMarketing strategiesPractice managementSocial media

Your First Dental Marketing Plan: How To Get The Word Out And Get Patients Into Your New Practice

by Naren Arulrajah, Ekwa Marketing

Maybe you are fresh out of dental school, and ready to open an office. More likely, you’ve been working for someone else for a while, and are ready to strike out on your own. Either way, the idea of marketing

September 2, 2019 News Blogs

Time To Sharpen Your 2020 Vision!

by Shawn Peers, Dental Peers

Welcome to September! After what we hope was a great summer for you, it is time now to look ahead to the future. The first step is always to see how your practice has performed thus far in 2019 with

August 26, 2019 News BlogsSearch engineWebsites

Are You Focusing On The Technical SEO Factors For Your Dental Search Rankings?

by Ekwa Marketing

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August 19, 2019 News BlogsSocial mediaSocial networking

Platforms To Use For Connecting With Potential And Existing Clients

by Alannah Alcala

Finding the right platforms for your business is essential. You want to be present and have a voice in the right place. For this, you need to know your audience and where they are online. Social media platforms are growing

August 12, 2019 News BlogsCommunity outreachManagementSearch engineSocial media

Inbound vs Outbound Marketing – Which Is Better For Your Dental Practice?

by Naren Arulrajah, Ekwa Marketing

Modern technology has transformed dentistry in almost every way, from laser treatments to electronic medical records. It has also transformed dental marketing, with the growing popularity of inbound marketing. What is it, and how can you put it to work

August 5, 2019 News Blogs

The Self-Fulfilling Prophecy: Your Team CAN Live Down To Your Expectations

by Shawn Peers, Dental Peers

I can still recall the day in high school English class where I was introduced to the concept of “the self-fulfilling prophecy”. We were studying poetry and the teacher asked how the author used that concept to foreshadow the poem’s

July 29, 2019 News BlogsCosmetic / AestheticDental HygieneMarketing strategies

The Power Of Aesthetics In Promoting Oral Health

by Rachael Straus

Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with any companies mentioned in this article, all products are used as illustrative examples. Sleek, pretty and efficient are not the typical terms that come to mind for the average person when thinking of dental

July 22, 2019 News BlogsSocial media

Top 5 Social Media Content Ideas For Your Dental Office

by Alannah Alcala

Social media doesn’t have to feel overwhelming or scary. It’s one of the best marketing tools to grow your practice. So, why not be present and consistent on your socials? Social media is a way to connect with your current

July 15, 2019 News Blogs

Tips To Optimize Your Dental Website Or Blog Content for Google

by Ekwa Marketing

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July 8, 2019 News BlogsDentistryFinancesGeneral PracticeOffice Management

Investing To Maximize Your Sales Value

by Shawn Peers, Dental Peers

There comes a time in the life of every dentist/owner when the moment to sell their practice is upon them. It can be a difficult decision. Your practice is “your baby”…your life’s work. For most, it will be their most

July 2, 2019 News BlogsSearch engineSocial NetworkingWebsites

Top 2019 Trends in Dental SEO

by Naren Arulrajah, Ekwa Marketing

Search engines like Google work year around to maintain their stellar reputation. They want users to find only quality recommendations on their SERPs (search engine results page). And it seems that 2019 is shaping up to be a big year

June 11, 2019 News BlogsPatient educationTechnology

Benefits of a Dental Mobile App

by Ekwa Marketing