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July 10, 2010 News General News

The Quest for an HIV vaccine

by ken

From the Wall Street Journal HIV research is undergoing a renaissance that could lead to new ways to develop vaccines against the AIDS virus and other viral diseases. In the latest development, U.S. government scientists say they have discovered three

July 6, 2010 News General News

Calling Out to Canadian Dentists

by catherine

Hope for Haiti is a small group of volunteers located in St. Marys, Ontario. The group was formed in 1990.  They spent their first few years working in Central America.  In 1992 they visited Haiti and worked in Lature, a mountain area about twenty

July 5, 2010 News General News

Um? Um; um; Um? Um; um

by ken

Researchers have recently published a study that analyzes the effects that periodontal disease and tooth loss have on the decline of cognitive abilities. The outcome determined that there may be a link that will undoubtedly give patients and dentists a

July 2, 2010 News General News

Boning up on Bone Drugs

by ken

More Magazine–June 1, 2010    by Katharine Davis Fishman Late last fall I started walking like a penguin. The array of specialists I waddled in to see–the anesthesiologist, the physiatrist (a doctor who supervises physical therapy and rehabilitation), the rheumatologist,

June 30, 2010 News General News

New technique made cavity disappear in about a month, mice study found

by ken

by Eric Bland Dentists could soon hang up their drills. A new peptide, embedded in a soft gel or a thin, flexible film and placed next to a cavity, encourages cells inside teeth to regenerate in about a month, according

June 28, 2010 News General News

Custom-Fit Mouth Tray for Teeth Bleaching May Improve Oral Health of Senior Citizens

by ken

Caregiver & Elder Care News  ‘We’ve noticed through whitening patients’ teeth… as they bleached, their teeth got squeaky clean and their gingival health improved.’ Additionally,when health problems or medications cause xerostomia,or dry mouth, the lack of saliva reduces the mouth’s

June 27, 2010 News General News

“Mouth breather” – it’s no laughing matter…

by ken

        Erik Wojciechowski dreaded bedtime. The five-year-old tossed and turned, snored, and was often up before the sun. He wore the marks of a rough night’s sleep on his face, his mother, Lisa Leonardi, says. “He would

June 24, 2010 News General News

OMG – Microsoft got something right!!!!

by ken

If you aren’t yet familiar withMicrosoft’s HealthVault, you will probably be more than slightly impressed after watching the introduction video. Health Vault is a free, interactive website where patients can safely store family health records for quick access. But HealthVault

June 10, 2010 News General News

Bogus ‘dentists’ prey on immigrants

by ken

In basements and backrooms across the province, with outdated and unsterilized tools, a cottage industry of illegal and sometimes dangerous dentistry is thriving among immigrant communities, a Toronto Star investigation has found. Offering cut-rate prices for inferior dental care, these

June 10, 2010 News General News

Lindsey Lohan Banned for Dental Sedatives Drugs

by ken

I figured that if there was a Lindsay Lohan dental story, it would give some serious street cred to this new blog………so here goes………..Even though Lindsay Lohan has been banned by a Judge from taking drugs, she underwent anesthesia recently

June 9, 2010 News General News

Mutant Gingival Bacteria Provide Clue to Alzheimer’s Tx

by ken

2011-12-12 06:23:57

June 8, 2010 News General News


by ken

According to new research presented at the 19th Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine, the majority of U.S. dental schools have not adequately prepared their graduates to screen for sleep disorders, which affect more than 70

May 29, 2010 News General News

Take a walk on the blog side

by ken

The first news blog was Michael Kinsey’s SLATE – BLOGS now abound from the Huffington Post to Al Jazeera, from the Tea Party to the Party Hearty…..pick a topic, pick a need, there is a blog and they are exponentiating……….DENTISTRY

May 24, 2010 News General News

So you wanna be a rock n’roll star……….

by ken

“When I’ll grow up, I’m going to be a doctor.” Can you remember hearing that from youngsters (or maybe even yourself when you were a tender age)? Children have it clear in their minds that occupying this noble profession is

May 19, 2010 News General News

Time for comments…….life in a vacuum kinda sucks

by ken

The world is flat, it’s a global economy, loyalty to the company is a thing of the past, we’ll all be working as contract players, it’s a new economy, learn Mandarin, yadda and yadda.  No one can predict the future…….if

May 17, 2010 News General News

Oxford Pain Group League table of analgesic efficacy

by ken

Evidence Based Dentistry – taken from Bandolier – “evidence based thinking about health care“. The month, the site was devoted the available evidence for OTC oral analgesics using typical single dose acute pain studies. What is clear is that there

May 17, 2010 News General News

It’s a McDonald’s coffee is “too hot world”

by ken

Think twice and read thrice ‘afore posting comments…. “Suit” Asks for Names of Online Commenters by Joseph Plambeck Mark Saltz/The Advocate Steve Theriot, interim president of Jefferson Parish, La., is suing bloggers, claiming malicious and defamatory statements. When should a

May 16, 2010 News General News

Eco Dentists – Stewards of Good Health and a Healthy Planet

by ken

Image via Wikipedia http://www.ecodentistry.org Our mission is to provide the dental industry with the tools needed to integrate green practices efficiently and effectively, and to support the public in taking personal responsibility for their dental health care choices. Our vision