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June 1, 2010 Feature Dental Office

A Buyer’s Guide to Dental Chairs

by George Freedman, DDS, FAACD, FADFE

In comedy and entertainment, the dental chair portends ill; either pain or torture (or both) is sure to follow. Unfortunately, the dental chair can be one of the negative images most frequently associated with the dental profession. In the past, it was a setting all too often associated with discomfort and vulnerability. Modern dental chairs are comfortable for both patient and dentist, ergonomic, and an assembly of high-tech equipment that most patients associate with the delivery of dental health maintenance and esthetically improved smiles.

June 1, 2010 Feature Dental Office

A little like exhaling Liberty Village Dental

by Dental Practice Management

Entering Liberty Village Dental is a little like exhaling. Soft music permeates the awesome volume of space, and ethereal white finishes unite with warm hues to create an atmosphere of harmony — exactly what Dr. Richard Carr aimed to achieve

June 1, 2010 Feature Dental Office

Plan to continue your success

by Rod Soutar, consultant

Business continuation planning is the key to protecting what you’ve built

June 1, 2010 Feature Dental OfficeDentistry

Getting Wired with Oral Health

by Oral Health

At Oral Health, we have always taken pride in delivering the very best clinical information to our readers. Thanks to your loyal readership, Oral Health has become Canada’s leading clinical journal. Now we are proud to extend the reach of

June 1, 2010 Feature Dental Office

Have you had your tax checkup?

by David Chong Yen, CFP, CA

When your patients don’t come to you for their regular check ups, this can result in poor dental hygiene. Similarly, you should consider regular tax check ups. i.e., reviewing your tax situation to ensure that your tax bill is minimized.

May 28, 2010 News Dental OfficeOral Health

Tri Hawk Launches Enhanced Website

by Oral Health

                        Tri Hawk Launches Enhanced Website User-Friendly Site Designed “For the Bur Connoisseur”   MORRISBURG, Ontario—May 27, 2010—Tri Hawk Corporation recently launched an enhanced website featuring a user-friendly store that showcases its newly expanded line of standard, surgical and metal-cutting

March 12, 2010 News Dental OfficeOral Health

Dental Marketing and Advertising Key for Solo Practitioners

by Oral Health

Dental Marketing and Advertising Still Vital for Solo Dentist Practitioners    Haliburton, Ontario (MarketWire) February 16, 2010 – Many solo dentist practitioners may think they don’t need dental advertising because their practice is making consistent revenue or because now is

Dr. Janet Roberts practices cosmetic and restorative dentistry in Vancouver and Delta, BC. She is a Canadian Program Director for the California Center for Advanced Dental Studies and along with her husband, Dr Warren Roberts, teaches nationally and internationally on the topic of Botox and Facial Rejuvenation through PTIFA, the Pacific Training Institute for Facial Aesthetics.
March 1, 2010 Feature Dental OfficeDental TechnologyGeneral Practice

Is There a Place for Botox in Dentistry?

by Janet Roberts, BSc, DMD

What are we thinking? Botox in dentistry-are you serious? Has the profession gone mad? What has happened to our traditional approach- don’t we fix teeth and gums? Has our professionalism been cast aside in the search for money-making techniques that

March 1, 2010 Feature Dental OfficeGeneral Practice

Ontario Dental Association Annual Spring Meeting 2010 May 13-15 Metro Toronto Convention Centre – South Building

by Oral Health

2010 marks the 143rd ODA Annual Spring Meeting, considered one of the top free-standing dental meetings in North America.www.odaannualspringmeeting.com

March 1, 2010 Feature Dental Office

Sales Tax Harmonization reduces your bottom line?

by David Chong Yen, CFP, CA

The Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) (i.e. combining the Ontario provincial sales tax with the Federal Goods and Services Tax) is scheduled to be implemented July 3, 2010. What does it mean to a dental professional? Advertisement Operating costs The sales

March 1, 2010 Feature Dental Office

Hillsview Dental Care

by Dental Practice Management

Design a chic yet contemporary dental office that doesn’t look like a dental office within a set budget. This was the challenge posed for designing Hillsview Dental Care, on Stream d.c.p. Inc., a residential design firm. Hila and her team’s

March 1, 2010 Feature Dental OfficeGeneral Practice

Commercial Lease Renewal Do’s & Don’ts for Dental Tenants

by Dale Willerton

In leasing, dental tenants don’t get what they deserve – they get what they negotiate! Since 1993, I have been helping dentists and other commercial tenants learn the Do’s & Don’ts of Negotiating Commercial Leases and Renewals. Here are a

March 18, 2009 News General PracticeOral Health

Prevora to be Marketed to All Canadian Dental Offices

by Toronto and Brantford, Ontario

Prevora, the only Health Canada approved preventive treatment of adult tooth decay at the gum line (root caries), now the number one dental disease in many dental offices, will be marketed across Canada starting in April 2009.  This new, in-office

March 1, 2005 Feature Dental Office

Developing a successful financial system

by Debbie Castagna & Virginia Moore

Financial guidelines are the key to practice success. A rock-solid payment system can significantly impact your practice’s financial health by improving cash flow, increasing treatment acceptance, and contributing to the overall contentment of your staff. But how can you implement effective financial guidelines if you don’t know which techniques are effective?

April 3, 2000 Feature Oral Health Office

COVID-19 Oral Health Office Newsletter Filler

by Oral Health
March 29, 2000 Feature Oral Health Office

Oral Health Office Newsletter Filler

by Oral Health