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April 1, 2022 Feature Oral Health OfficePractice management

Turks, Philippines, Sint Maarten, Oh My! Expanding Dental Outreach Programs

by Michael Carabash, BA, LLB, JD, MBA, CDPM

Remember October 2021? Outbreaks. Masks. Variants. Vaccines. Tests. Lockdowns. Mass resignations. Shortages. Inflation. Politics. Anger. Blame. And in that context, a group of Canadian dentists and support staff, mostly strangers, left home to provide free dental services to the impoverished

April 1, 2022 Feature Marketing strategiesOral Health OfficePractice management

Dentist’s Guide to Online Reputation Repair

by Naren Arulrajah, Ekwa Marketing

It is often said that word of mouth is the best advertisement. That may be true, but only if people are saying good things about your dental practice. Otherwise, it can become a PR nightmare. Furthermore, the modern version of

practice transition
April 1, 2022 Feature Oral Health OfficePractice management

Top Considerations for Your Practice Transition

by Michelle McAra, Partnership Development, dentalcorp

Having a long-term plan ensures the hard work you put into building your business continues to pay off when you’re ready to transition and sell your practice. To make sure your team and patients are well cared for, keep these

April 1, 2022 Feature Office designOral Health OfficePractice management

Office Space: McAllister Dentistry

by Darcie Galbraith, BA, Interior Design Coach; Peter Barry, CMC, Practice Success Coach

THE WHY: Owner’s story McAllister Dentistry is located in the heart of Ottawa and is the brainchild of Dr. Jessie McAllister. She initially had concurrent aspirations of being a medical doctor. Drawing inspiration from her physician grandfather and artistic mother,

April 1, 2022 Feature Dental TeamEditorialOral Health OfficePractice managementTeam motivation

The Key to Creating a Powerful Team in Your Practice

by Nada Albatish, DDS

Being a boss is hard! Ask any business owner in any industry the most challenging aspect of running a business and they will all give you the same answer: people. As dentists, our focus is on seeing patients and we

March 18, 2022 Feature Dental HygieneTreatment planning

The Hygienist’s Role in Permission-Based Treatment Presentation

by Carrie Webber, Owner & Chief Communications Officer, The Jameson Group

Do these statements sound familiar? Discussing treatment with patients makes me feel pushy. I don’t want our patients to feel “sold” to. Our patients would never want to hear above and beyond the minimal care needed. If you have ever

March 18, 2022 Feature Dental HygieneDentistry

Dentistry is Broken: Here is How We Can Fix It.

by Dr. Allan Coopersmith, BSC, DDS, FAGD, FADI, FICD, FCARDP, FACD, FICDFE; Nathalie Fiset, RDH

Poor oral hygiene leads to gum and dental disease (the most prevalent disease in the entire world), causing pain, misery and expense, yet in spite of all scientific and technical advances, there has been no reduction of dental disease in

March 18, 2022 Feature Dental HygieneOral Health

Tipping the Balance Towards Health with Oral Probiotics

by Lorraine Gambacourt, RDH

Most people understand the benefits of gut probiotics, but fewer individuals and oral health professionals are aware of the preventive and/or supportive health benefits that oral probiotics can provide by reducing the risk or severity of oral disease. Could the

March 18, 2022 Feature Dental HygieneOrthodontics

Orthodontics: A Straight Perspective, From a Dental Hygienist’s Eyes

by Amy Currie, BSc, RDH

When my journey as a hygienist began over 15 years ago, never did I believe I would find myself fulfilled in a career as an orthodontic clinician. As a fresh graduate with a suction in my left hand and a

March 18, 2022 Feature Dental HygieneGum DiseasePeriodontology

Technically Speaking: Tips for Implementing the 2018 AAP Periodontal Classification (Part 14)

by Gabriele Maycher, CEO, GEM Dental Experts Inc. BSc, PID, dip DH, RDH

This issue we take our final in-depth look at the 2018 AAP Periodontal Classification. We’re excited to bring you more Q&As from Gabriele Maycher in 2022 on such topics as client care, record keeping, technical skills, office communication, and much

March 18, 2022 Feature Dental HygieneEditorial

Know Your Worth

by Kathleen Bokrossy, RDH

Heading into the third year of the pandemic, many dental hygienists are feeling frustrated, beat down and overworked. There is no doubt that we are experiencing a shortage of dental hygienists. You just Google the topic and find many articles

March 15, 2022 Feature Dental TeamEditorialGeneral DentistryOral Health

Staff Shortage: Yet Another Challenge to Overcome

by Marina Polonsky, DDS, MSc

Just when we thought that we had the PPE shortage issue under control, had put up barriers, air purifiers and made sure our patients felt safe to come back to the office for treatment, here comes yet another hurdle we

March 15, 2022 Feature Dental TeamEditorialOral Health

Re: Editorial: Staff Shortage: Yet Another Challenge to Overcome

by James Younger, DDS

In the world of dentistry, we all know that, in reality, there is no such thing as a “solo practitioner”. Even a dental office owned and run by a single dentist needs a team to create a prosperous dental practice.

March 15, 2022 Feature Chairside ChatsOral Health

Chairside Chats: A Word With…Dr. Zahra Gangji

by Oral Health

Dr. Zahra Gangji Stony Plain Dental Centre, Stony Plain, Alberta What are the two key qualities you look for in a new team member? I want people on my team who have a positive attitude and are motivated to work.

March 15, 2022 Feature General DentistryOral Health

Toothpastes in Dentistry: A Review

by Braedan R.J. Prete, BSc (Honours); Fady Barsoum; Aviv Ouanounou, BSc, MSc, DDS, FICD, FICO, FACD

ABSTRACT Toothpastes have evolved substantially over the past few decades. Major strides have been made in the industry with the introduction of novel formulations that have the potential to provide significant clinical benefits. The main components of toothpastes are surfactants,

March 15, 2022 Feature General DentistryOral Health

Invasive Cervical Resorption: A Dental Pandemic or an Auto-immune Disease of the Mouth?

by Marina Polonsky, DDS, MSc Laser Dentistry

BACKGROUND: Six years ago, in the May issue of Oral Health, I wrote a case report on the successful treatment of root resorption in the lower premolar with the help of Er,Cr:YSGG and diode lasers. The case was diagnosed as

Design consultation
March 15, 2022 Feature General DentistryOral Health

Dentist–technician Communication: We Can All Do Better!

by Joseph Fava, DDS, MSc ; Karim Sahil, RDT, MDT

INTRODUCTION In the past few decades, dentistry and dental technology have advanced by leaps and bounds. These advances have been driven by improvements in computer processing power leading to advances in digital technology (CAD/CAM). The evolution in biomaterials has led

March 15, 2022 Feature General DentistryOral Health

A Review of Intraoral Appliances for Temporomandibular Disorders: Effectiveness, Types, Characteristics, and Indications for Use

by Sherif Elsaraj, DMD, MSc, PhD

This article is dedicated to Dr. Mervyn Gornitsky, a dear supervisor, mentor, and a friend who has served the dental community since 1953. I have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Gornitsky since 2015. Dr. Gornitsky served as JGH

March 15, 2022 Feature CancerGeneral DentistryOral Health

Let’s Talk About HPV-related Head and Neck Cancer: Now What? Calling the Dental Team to Action!

by Cecilia Dong, DMD, BSc (Dent), MSc (Prosthodontics), FRCD(C); Saranjeev Lalh, BSc, DDS, MD, FRCD(C); Lee Darichuk, BSc, DMD, MDent, FRCD(C); Peter Spafford, MD, FRCS(C); James Yacyshyn, BSc, DDS, MASc; Cheryl Cable, BSc, DDS, MBA, Prosthodontic and Maxillofacial Prosthodontics Cert., FRCD(C)

Gone are the days when only tobacco and alcohol were the main risk factors that needed to be discussed with dental patients during head and neck cancer screening examinations. A widespread change in how patients are educated on prevention of

Bien-Air Dental
March 15, 2022 Feature Dental TechnologyOral Health

The Electric Handpiece Gamechanger Has Launched Bien-Air Dental’s Nova Emerges as the Swiss Army Knife of Handpieces – Able to Be Whatever the Dentist Needs

by Lou Shuman, DMD, CAGS, CEO and Founder of Cellerant Consulting

One of the things I’ve always appreciated about Bien-Air Dental is its commitment to quality and integrity. Situated in Bienne, Switzerland – considered the “Watch Valley” – Bien-Air operates on its own timetable to do the job right. The result