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September 3, 2013 News General DentistryGeneral NewsPeriodontologyPreventive DentistryWellness

Expectant Mothers’ Periodontal Health Vital to Health of Her Baby

by Kahaliah Richards

When a woman becomes pregnant, she knows it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle to ensure both the health of herself and the health of her baby. New clinical recommendations from the American Academy of Periodontology (AAP) and the

August 27, 2013 News General DentistryGeneral NewsImplantologyMedical newsResearchStem cell researchYouTube

American Scientists Attempt to Sequence John Lennon’s Genetic Code from the Beatle’s Tooth

by Kahaliah Richards

The Canadian dentist who purchased John Lennon’s tooth has recently agreed to work with US researchers to explore the musician’s DNA. If the venture is successful, the tooth collector is interested in preserving the valuable information with the belief that

August 27, 2013 News CancerGeneral DentistryGeneral NewsMedical newsOverall Health

Colorectal cancer may be triggered by mouth bacteria

by Kahaliah Richards

Two new studies published in the past few weeks suggested that a type of gut bacteria found in the mouth may trigger colorectal cancer by influencing the immune response and switching on cancer genes. The researchers believe their findings may

August 1, 2013 News Alzheimer'sChronic dental care for the elderlyChronic DiseaseDental CareGeneral DentistryGeneral NewsMedical news

Poor dental health may lead to Alzheimer’s, study suggests

by Kahaliah Richards

People with poor oral hygiene or gum disease may be at a greater risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease, a new study led by The University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) School of Medicine and Dentistry suggests. The research, which has received

June 27, 2013 News General DentistryOverall HealthPreventive Dentistry

Avoiding smokers and big spenders on dental care

by Kahaliah Richards

As healthcare reforms promote more preventive care and associated healthy-seeking behaviour, some controversies emerge. I notice, for example, that American employers in their efforts to control healthcare costs, are taking a look at the extra-burden of an employee who smokes.

June 3, 2013 News Dental CareGeneral DentistryGeneral NewsMedical news

Are we counseling our older patients?

by Kahaliah Richards

Counseling the patient on eating habits and smoking are standard procedures for managing adult dental decay. Or at least they should be. A recent Swedish study reports that older patients did not receive the same level of counselling on eating

May 28, 2013 News BlogsDental CareGeneral DentistryGeneral News

We know what the crowd says about improving dental care

by Kahaliah Richards

In a recent crowdsourcing of ideas to improve the American healthcare system, The Regenstrief Institute, an informatics and healthcare research foundation affiliated with the Indiana University School of Medicine, found that affordability was top of mind and prevention versus treatment

May 27, 2013 News Dental CareDental phobiaGeneral DentistryGeneral NewsMedical news

Anxiety and going to the dentist

by Kahaliah Richards

Dental research has customarily focused on another anxiety – the fear of the needle and the drill. We know, for example from the 2009 Adult Dental Health Survey in the UK, that 1 in 3 adults sitting in the waiting

May 13, 2013 News BotoxCosmetic DentistryGeneral DentistryGeneral NewsMedical newsResearchWellness

Facial Fillers a Ticking Time Bomb? Skinspirations Discloses Dangers of Botched Fillers

by Kahaliah Richards

Tampa Bay-based non-surgical cosmetic center Skinspirations details the dangers of receiving fillers from an unqualified provider. As Americans increasingly put importance on outer appearances, the lengths to which people go to retain their youth seem endless. Dermal fillers have seen

April 30, 2013 News General DentistryKeeping you guessingNew TechnologiesSocial mediaSocial Networking

Getting in front of your community

by Kahaliah Richards

Many dentists I speak with are eager to reach out to their community about new services and about their own specialness. This can be complicated and expensive because your community now learns differently. One illustration of how your community learns

April 26, 2013 News General DentistryKeeping you guessingPreventive Dentistry

More signs of healthcare reform

by Kahaliah Richards

In this blog, we listen regularly to that roaring sound in America and the UK which stems from healthcare reform. Here are just a few of the most recent notes: This week we heard that the United Kingdom’s General Dental

April 19, 2013 News Dental industryDental researchGeneral DentistryGeneral NewsKeeping you guessingMedical newsTreatment planning

Listen to your community

by Kahaliah Richards

In my community, the press has reported about a difficult situation for many dental practices. Seems there is an over-supply and an under-demand for these services. Of course, readers of this blog will know that this isn’t a phenomenon isolated

April 8, 2013 News Dental researchGeneral DentistryGeneral NewsKeeping you guessingResearch

ADDE 2013 Survey on the European Dental Trade

by Kahaliah Richards

While at the IDS in Cologne, Oral Health’s Senior Publisher, Melissa Summerfield, attended a press conference put on by ADDE (Association of Dental Dealers in Europe) and FIDE (Federation of the European Dental Industry). At this event, they shared some

March 14, 2013 News Dental AssociationsGeneral DentistryGeneral NewsKeeping you guessingPediatric dentistryTooth decay

Responding To A Silent Epidemic

by Kahaliah Richards

The #1 Chronic Childhood Disease Pediatric dental disease, more commonly known as severe tooth decay, can lead to malnourishment, anemia, required emergency surgery and life-threatening secondary infections. Severe childhood tooth decay is a multi-faceted epidemic that stems from access-to-care issues,

March 4, 2013 News BlogsGeneral DentistryKeeping you guessingMedical news

Maggie Smith is your dental patient

by Kahaliah Richards

These days it seems the actress Maggie Smith is in our living rooms or movie theatres all the time. Being old is not only topical, perhaps it is cool. At the very least, it sells. And so it should. In

March 4, 2013 News Dental equipmentDental researchGeneral DentistryOffice designScanners

Hapy Bear Surgery Center Effortlessly Transitions to Electronic Health Records by using the Plustek MobileOffice AD450

by Kahaliah Richards

Plustek scanners help pediatric dental center to go paperless  HapyBearSurgeryCenter is a pediatric sedation dental office that provides general anesthesia to dental patients referred to them by over 200 dental offices. Hapy Bear has been serving patients in the Central

December 18, 2012 News Dental industryGeneral DentistryGeneral NewsWebinars

The Dawson Academy Introduces New Curriculum on Emerging Health Care Services in Dentistry

by Kahaliah Richards

The Dawson Academy introduced a new curriculum based on emerging health care services for dentists during a live webinar Wednesday, Nov. 28. The Dawson Academy introduced a new dental continuing education curriculum based on emerging health care services for dentists

September 24, 2012 News Dental HygieneGeneral DentistryGeneral NewsPediatric dentistry

10 Tips for Parents of Kids Who Resist Having Their Teeth Brushed

by Kahaliah Richards

Chasing a defiant toddler around with a toothbrush is more likely to end in smears of toothpaste on the furniture and a tiny mouth that refuses to open than an effective lesson in oral hygiene. For parents that have attempted

August 30, 2012 News Dental AssociationsDental industryGeneral DentistryGeneral News

6th International Symposium, Pain, Sleep & TMD

by Kahaliah Richards

The Canadian Chapter of the American Academy of Craniofacial Pain(AACP) is the voice, training vehicle and credentialing organization for all Canadian dentists to learn about TMD chronic orofacial pain, headaches and sleep disorders. We have held Annual International Symposia on